To Repair or Replace the Roof?

This is a problem that many homeowners eventually must traverse. Should I repair or replace my roof? Of course, by even thinking about this problem you must have a problem in the first place. Perhaps a small leak, a fallen tile, a whole heap of tiles?


So, what can be done? Can you do it yourself? Should you hire professionals? Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Repair or Replace. Which option should I opt for?

Often, we delay home renovations in hope that they might withstand their condition longer or you could save money, but delaying is not the best option in the long run and may not be saving you any money instead of this neglect later can cost you more money. 


The most important step is to get up there and inspect the physical condition of your roof thoroughly. Look for structural damages as well. Sometimes there will be minor repairs to be done other times the whole roof might be replaced.


In a shingled roof, the shingles might wear or fall out. A basic DIY technique will fix it but if in doubt you can call an expert. For minor damage the shingles can be replaced but if the damage has progressed the whole roof has to be renewed. The last thing you need is a minor threat causing damage to infrastructure.

How to determine the status of my roof

So, the question you might be asking is how I would know what the status of my roof is. 

Just a basic examination would do the trick; make sure to look for the following red flags.


For asphalt shingles keep the pointers in mind if they are peeling, cracks are appearing, or getting sun-damaged. For concrete check for whether they have cracked, or cracks have appeared in multiple places. 


For iron longrun look for any dents or rust. Similarly, for decramastic check for dents or rust and see if it’s chipping off. Remember to take pictures and get an expert opinion before stepping into the shop and starting the process of quotes.

Choosing the right company

In this age of architecture and engineered technology, there are up-to-date design and material strategies that are functional and aesthetic. Rather than spending on periodic fixes why not invest one time and get good value for money. 


Roof installation is not a hassle anymore, many companies give amazing consultation and services. Roof installation can be done quickly. Be sure to check the reviews of any firm before going for a consultation. 


Choosing the firm with a professional team and guaranteed work is advisable. When it comes to quotes be aware of how everything is being handled, you don’t want to get charged extra. 


Scaffolding installs and hire skip bin hire need extra attention as well when it comes to hidden charges. Just to be self-aware calculate the total amount quoted and divide it by the length of the warranty given to know what you’re getting charged for. 

Tips for maintenance 

Some seasons are suitable for repairing work compared to others, humid and rainy days are not recommended at all. Nevertheless, waterproof sheets can be used. Professional installers will give you an idea of the installation period which surprisingly maybe 1 week or less. 


The installation process doesn’t intrude with your day-to-day life at all; you don’t need to move out of the house. Actively participate and converse with the team regarding how you can maintain your new roof.

Wrapping it all up

Firstly, is this all worthwhile when all is said and done? Yes, is the easy answer, the new look of the roof will certainly bring you happiness.


Secondly, for those who might want to sell, the value of your home will fall drastically if any roofing problems are pointed out by building inspectors. NOBODY want to pay good money for a home with a faulty roof, no matter how small the outlay may be.