Titan launcher v3.8.2 (Support minecraft version 1.16.5/1.17.1)

Titan minecraft launcher v3.8.2 is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.16.5 and newer, as well as 1.17 and more. Fix bugs from version 3.8.1

This version requires a Java Runetime Environment 1.8.0 (OpenJDK Binaries – Eclipse Temurin for Windows)

Prebuilt OpenJDK Binaries for Free!

Java™ is the world’s leading programming language and platform. The Adoptium Working Group promotes and supports high-quality, TCK certified runtimes and associated technology for use across the Java™ ecosystem.

Download Eclipse Temurin for Windows x64

The binaries are supported on the architectures and operating systems listed in Supported Platforms. If you’re migrating to Temurin, you can learn about the differences between Oracle JDK and any steps that you might need to take.

Windows MSI installer packages

Temurin Windows installer packages are available as standard .msi files, which can be run with an interactive user interface or run silently from the command line. The installer is designed for use on a per-machine basis, not per-user basis, so you can have only one installation of the MSI on a machine for all users.

Note: Windows installer packages are supported only on Windows x64 systems.

GUI installation

Instructions for running an interactive installation using the Windows MSI installer.

1. Download the .msi file. Open it to Tlauncher minecraft the installation program.

2. Read and accept the license if you are happy with the terms.

3. On the Custom Setup screen you can choose the features that you want to install and optionally change the default installation directory. By default, Temurin installs to c:\Program Files\Temurin\<package> with the following features, which you can deselect, if necessary:

  • Add the installation to the PATH environment variable
  • Associate .jar files with Java applications

Additional features can be selected by clicking on the directory tree where you see a check mark (x). These features include:

  • Updating the JAVA_HOME environment variable

4. When you have chosen the features that you want to install, click Next.

5. Click Install to begin the installation.6. When the installation is finished, click Finish to close the program.


Java Runetime Environment 1.8.0 (OpenJDK – adoptium)

How to install Titan launcher minecraft v3.8.2?

1. Download the titan launcher ZIP file at

2. Unzip or run file Minecraft Titan Launcher 3.8.2.exe (This application requires a Java Runetime Environment 1.8.0)

  • Download OpenJDK11U-jdk_x64_windows_hotspot_11.0.12_7.msi (167 MB) from Github and run it

3. Open the appliance and click on on “Install”.

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is found and choose it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Titan launcher download links: Minecraft Titan Launcher (4.04 MB)
Mediafire links: