Tirios Is Using Blockchain To Help Millennials Overcome Real Estate Investment Barriers

Tirios is a revolutionary real estate platform changing the industry by using cutting-edge technology to help millennials get past financial and other barriers that have been in place for a long time and keep them from investing in real estate. 

Tirios is the only vertically integrated investment platform that gives millennials a chance to own a fractional share in a rental home for as little as $1,000. It does this by using blockchain technology, which helps get rid of middlemen who are often expensive and take up a lot of time.

With Tirios, millennials and others can buy shares in real estate rental properties and earn a steady passive income without the cost and stress of being a landlord.

Sachin Latawa, the founder and CEO of Tirios and a former executive at Fortress Investment Group and Icahn Enterprises, says that real estate is one of the best investments millennials can make, and millennials are a strong market of buyers.

Tirios positions itself as a real estate investing platform for individual investors, leaving behind the expensive and time-consuming past of investment funds, institutional buyers, $100,000 minimum purchases, high management fees and carried interest, and questionable valuations.

Sachin says that these things have kept many would-be investors away from the real estate market, especially millennials who don’t know where to start.

“We’re at an all-time low in terms home affordability, and most millennials are waiting longer than their baby boomer parents did to buy their first homes. There are many reasons for this delay, such as not having enough money saved for a down payment, having a lot of student loan debt, and still feeling stuck in their careers because of the Great Recession “says Sachin.

Blockchain and tokenization are essential parts of Web 3.0, which is a plan for digital ownership of physical assets with clear rules for how the owners will share income and the value of their assets as they rise in value. In the past, the real estate business has been hard to understand and based on a lack of trust between the people involved. Blockchain can help real estate investors bridge this gap.

The ability of blockchain technology to speed up transactions, make them more transparent, and streamline processes could reduce transaction costs by a large amount, make real estate assets more liquid, and make it easier for millennials who feel left behind to become real estate investors.

Tirios has free blog resources on its website and is now accepting the waitlist for its soon-to-be-launched free Tirios Academy, which will be a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to learn about real estate investing.

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