Quantbitex Review: Tired of Looking, Why Not Try Quantbitex

If you are reading this then I take it that you have spent a lot of time looking for a reliable online trading broker but haven’t found any. Let me lift that pressure off of you through my Quantbitex review, which is an online trading broker I have traded with personally. I have found the broker to be extremely helpful and supportive in terms of offering top-notch services and trading tools. Let me share some of my experience with you about the broker by talking about the services they offer so we can be on the same page.

Pick a Trade from Several Trading Assets

Although the broker offers hundreds of trading instruments, but the five major trading assets it offers include crypto, commodities, forex, stocks, and indices. These trading instruments are the foundations of the entire online trading industry offering a lot of profits and opportunities. The trading assets offered at Quantbitex are the expertise of the analysts and traders who are veterans in these particular fields. Therefore, the support you get from them is undivided, and focused on improving your trading skills.

Pick an Account from a List of Trading Accounts

When I first started trading, I knew nothing about online trades so I went with the basic trading account making a minimum deposit of €250. I was overwhelmed with the amount of benefits, services, and support I got even by acquiring the lowest level trading account. With time, I continued climbing the trading account ladder, going all the way to the fifth (Diamond) trading account, where the minimum deposit requirement was €250,000. 

Services I Had Access to Even with the Basic Level Account

Even after getting my hands on the basic level trading account, I had access to several services I didn’t imagine were there to begin with. The services I received were leverage trading, loans, daily market reviews, educational courses, trading alerts, market analysis, event trading, and money management plan. Additionally, I had access to customer support as well as direction communication with an account executive at Quantbitex.

Trading Platform and Its Capabilities

I was glad that the trading platform I had access to be exclusively built by Quantbitex. This gave me a sense of satisfaction and security that I was not sharing my information with third party platform. The trading platform offered by the broker provided support for both general trading and EFT trading. It is further equipped with tools and services such as daily market news/reviews, market analysis, historical reports, and reporting system. The platform also offered automated trading options, single click executions, fast transactions, and multi-lingual support. The trading platform is web-based so you can access it from where or place you want. 

Transaction Security is Top-Notch

The transaction security offered by Quantbitex is top notch and parallel with industry level security systems. No matter you are processing a financial transaction or a personal, the transactions are always protected with encryptions. This way, they are always protected and cannot be accessed by third parties, no matter their intentions. 

Their Customer Support is Awesome

I was amazed to see that Quantbitex’s customer support is very supportive and professional when it comes to providing assistance. They even had basic level understanding around online trades and they proved to be a great help. I was glad to know that I could reach out to them 24/7 via email and landline. 

They Are Regulated and Very Strict About it

Although I was not aware of its importance in the beginning, I soon realized that I am trading through a broker that is KYC and AML regulated. It is very strict and firm about its stance in the regulatory space so if you are not okay with these policies, then you need to find a different broker.

So What Are You Thinking?

After going through my review, if you think that you are interested to try the broker, then you need to follow my advice. Before you jump into online trades, consult them with someone you know is dealing in this space. The reason is that the person would be able to share more information and insights about the trades. That person might be able to tell you more about the risks involved in online trades. This can help you make your decision easily whether you would like to go for online trades or not.