Top Tips to Use Your Email to Boost Your ROI

The email service has gone a long way since being a fast and convenient instant communication tool. Nowadays, it incorporates a number of purposes and has grown to become the most efficient and cheapest marketing tool.

How come?

Email marketing campaigns, if done right, can boost a business’ ROI by up to 4400%. Given that email services are free to use commercially (for the most part) and that ca. 95% of adults worldwide use them makes this form of advertising the golden standard of marketing.

Email Marketing Campaigns in a Nutshell

Email marketing campaigns are more often than not the first choice of advertising for the majority of businesses. Large, small or big, brands turn to virtual communication tools to promote their offers and keep in touch with target audiences with ease.

And since cross-advertising is all the rage these days, communication has gone one step further with the help of social media platforms. Namely, sharing your offer on your social media profiles not only increases its visibility, but it also allows customers (and potential customers) to ask direct questions about your brand.

Need we underline that communication is the heart and soul of every successful marketing effort?

Email marketing campaigns are becoming more and more sophisticated given that the demand is ever-growing and that the competition is fierce. As for the latter, it is always a good idea to identify your top competitors and subscribe to their newsletters, so that you can adjust the offer as needed and stay on top of things. You can even hire an email marketing agency to help yours with your email marketing campaign. Also do proper keyword research blog and then work accordingly.

Email marketing campaigns should be personalized. In the most basic sense, that means that you should make the recipient feel special. Address them b their first name (you’ll get this info from the subscription form) and send them a welcome message and a thank you message after each purchase. Good manners are always a trait to be reckoned with!

Make Use of Insights

Even the finest of email marketing campaigns will go to waste if you don’t have a strategy. First, you’ll need to define your audience and secondly – you should send personalized offers.

What does that exactly mean?

For starters, apply some common sense. A teenage girl will not be interested in the same offer as a senior executive – that much is clear, at least. That’s why you should send different offers to these two different categories of people (provided both are your target audience).

Loads and loads of information can be gathered from insights. For one thing, demographics and location can be used to send specific offers to specific people in different areas.

Further out, click and bounce rates and the percentage of messages opened will let you know how to improve the performance of your campaigns. Mind the tip! Keeping track of your campaign’s performance is crucial to improving your strategy in the long run.

Thankfully, there are various tools that can help you with the task. Some generalized recommendations (but do your research nevertheless) include SendinBlue, Drip and Constant Contact.

Types of Email to Send

Keeping customers engaged is crucial for the success of every email marketing campaign. That means that the messages you send need to be to the point, literate, not too long and not image-heavy (mind the mobile users, which comprise the majority of recipients). It is also important to send the emails in appropriate intervals – not too often, as they’ll be flagged as spam – and at times when they are likely to be seen as soon as they arrive. If you run an international brand, mind the time zones of your customers.

Now, some emails are more welcome than others. Welcome messages, order status messages, receipts, order tracking messages, newsletters and sales announcements are almost universally welcome, provided that you have done your research in terms of the target audience.

Mind the tracking information, too, especially if you send products overseas. People will simply turn to a better alternative if they can’t track their offer. Shipment and delivery confirmations are also crucial in this regard.

As for newsletters, they represent the best source of information about your offer. The art of newsletter composing is an invaluable skill and requires in-depth research. As mentioned above, not all audiences are interested in the same offer, so you’ll need to find the balance for your newsletters. 

As a rule, newsletters are sent quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly, depending on the season and the number of forthcoming special offers.

Sales announcements are a big deal, especially if they follow a pattern. On top of the classic holiday sales, man brands pick a date for their annual sale in hopes of it becoming a tradition customers will remember in years to come. AliExpress’ annual 11/11 sale is a good example of this.

All in all, boosting your ROI with the help of email marketing is an ongoing effort, but also a joy. The most important part to remember is that communication can make or break a business. Listen to people’s feedback, answer their queries and encourage communication on a regular basis. The rest will naturally follow.