4 Style Tips to Wear White Cropped Jeans

Denim happens to be an ever-evolving piece of clothing – just when you think it can’t get any cooler the denim inventions prove us wrong. Denim is a year around fashion and an undisputed piece of staple outfits. 

You might be comfortable with the age-old skinny jeans mantra or high waisted straight denims but there is a new iteration on the curb which is just as cool, if not more. Yes you got it – cropped jeans. When you think of denim or jeans, the automatic mental picture that is generated is of faded blue denims. 

However, today we discuss and introduce you to the world of white cropped jeans. Your wardrobe and fashion sense will never remain the same! 

For a look that makes a statement, white cropped jeans are the perfect base. Yes the combinations can be tricky when you limit yourself to only white but they’re worth it. If you use our top 4 style tips to wear white cropped jeans, the result will be fresh and fashion forward outfits. 

You can pick and even mix and match the style tips which resonate with you and are an accurate reflection of your taste. 

White Cropped Jeans with Black Long Sleeve Bodysuit 

In this style tip, we introduce to you another popular yet not so common fashionable piece of clothing – bodysuits. A black long sleeve bodysuit can function just like a normal upper wear but offers more support, stays perfectly tucked in and is quite flattering for the figure. 

The white and black contrast also is perfect to achieve a fashionable look. Not only is this extremely easy to pull off, it is the perfect balance of formal and casual in a single outfit. 

For a laid-back look that’s still got some flair, you can rock this outfit with some white sneakers and hair pulled back into a messy pony. You can also make this your go-to outfit for the weekends. All you need is a pair of white cropped jeans, a black bodysuit, and easy sneakers. Throw on a patterned scarf to pull your look together, and you’re dressed for all your casual errands.

You can also make many iterations of this outfit – if you pair this look with sandal heels and a pair of hoop earrings with light make-up, you have put yourself together with the perfect brunch look. Voilsa

White Cropped Jeans with Leather Jacket 

If you are opting for a more edgier look, this particular style tip is for you. White cropped jeans paired with leather jacket gives the perfect laid back, warm yet chic look that you have been thinking about. 

What could be easier than rocking a leather jacket with white cropped jeans, when you’re kicking back with your boyfriend for movies on a cool winter night? You’ll feel fashionable and comfortable in cropped, distressed ankle-length white jeans and a black leather jacket. 

To dress this look up a bit, simply add a long chain necklace and a carry-all satchel in a structured shape. Wear this look with flat ankle boots or your favorite sneakers, for go-anywhere casual style. This look is perfect for semi-formal occasions as well. You can also add some more spice to this look with smokey makeup or a light, nude look.

Cropped White Jeans with Tops 

For casual Fridays at work, you’ll never look wrong with a crisp and simple button down shirt and white cropped jeans. If you want to tone down the casual look a bit and spice it up, choose the right accessories. 

For example, you can throw on a statement necklace for visual interest and carry a fun tote in an exotic animal pattern that says you’re not plain or simple. When it comes to the choice of tops, usually pastels work best with white cropped jeans. Powder pink, baby blue and faded yellow are some of the season’s favorite colours. Pastel solid button down shirts are perfect for casual days at work. 

If you are looking to go a bit more casual than this, then opt for a pastel t-shirt instead of a crisp button down. Greys and whites are a natural combination for casual days.

 You could wear this look with the usual office pumps or even sneakers for a more casual look. For transitional seasons, layer on a cocoon-style wool coat in a trendy, cool pastel hue.

White Cropped Jeans with Black Lace Bodysuits 

We know that you might be thinking that there are way too many black and white and cropped jeans and bodysuits combinations in this piece but trust us, it is one of the evergreen combinations in the fashion world. 

Black lace bodysuits are a gem to have in your wardrobe for formal or evening wear. Planning a night out with your boyfriend? This outfit is perfect to add spice to the evening. 

Lace bodysuits with intricate details and necklines tuck in very gracefully and nicely inside white cropped jeans. White cropped jeans offer you the benefit of a casual yet formal look – you get to wear denim but still look formal! 

This is a particularly chic, no-nonsense outfit. This look can be enhanced with the right pair of stone earrings to add more depth to the look and your favorite locket tied gracefully around your neck. 

And you already know what’s coming next – shoes! Pencil heels or sandal heels go perfectly well with the entire look and make you look uber stylish too!