Tips to use Timestamps on YouTube

YouTube is considered as the most powerful platform for marketers and sponsorship. The platform has revolutionized the functionalities as well as the design for the quick response even on low bandwidths. The platform promotes the brands and businesses to reach their customer demands through the videos. One of the most recognized features from YouTube is called timestamps, which are the link to the part of the video. The timestamps take you to the specific part of the video that you want to play first. Most people are not aware of the feature and struggle to fast forward the video. Content creators now provide the timestamps with the details in the description, which takes you to the exact part where you wanted.

The trick is quite savvy and straightforward but offers excellent benefits to the content creators. One reason for that is the visitor interaction with the content, while another is the SEO for information. The timestamps improve the search for the information and also promotes the content of the owner. Let’s discuss some tips to use the timestamps on YouTube.


One way to use the timestamps is to divide the long video into smaller parts. Suppose you have the video of “WordPress Website development in 1 Hour”, you can divide the video in the description. The process increases the user engagement and returns visitors to your video, thus improving your viewing rate. Google has rewarded many content creators for making use of the video timestamps for different purposes.

The timestamps can also benefit you for the SEO of your content. The content creators can simply timestamp their videos with the related searches. The search engine will itself detect the timestamps and will display the part of the video related to the query. Since YouTube loves the user experience, it will also display the cropped part with the marks to make it identifiable. For that, you can simply take the time for the video that you want to include in your description. For example, if the introduction starts at 53 seconds, then note the time 00:53 and add it as “00:53- Introduction”.

Creators who have long videos of different old songs can mention the name of each song with the timestamps. Certainly, there is no limit in creating the timestamps, and you can create as many timestamps as you want. For each song track, you can add the timestamp of the start and end like this 1:24 – 3:52.


Now you can also edit the YouTube video URLs for sharing the specific part of the video. The format for editing the URL is quite simple. The t= is the start where you will be including the time you want to play the video. After that, you can add the time with minutes and seconds denoting the part of the clip. For example, if you want to play the video from 2 minutes and 45 seconds, then the format will be t=2m45s.

Most of the videos end with a question mark ‘?’. In this case, you will need to add an ‘&’ with the timestamps format. In the above case, the new timestamps will be &t=2m45s.


YouTube never stands back to offer the user experience with each update. YouTube has now added the timestamps feature on their sharing feature for an extra convenience rather than editing the URLs. You can now easily select the timestamps option while sharing the videos with a different platform.

While watching the video, simply pause to the clip that you want to share. Select the share option and then check the “Start at” mark. The shared URL will play the video from the exact spot where you paused the video.


Ever wondered how the people add YouTube’s timestamps in the comments section? Well, now, you will know. The timestamps for the comments are also quite simple. One way to add the timestamps in the comments by logging into the video. After that, you will have to pause the part that you want to comment on. Right-click the video section and you will see the option saying “Copy video URL at the current time”. Clicking the option will save the URL in the browser cache and is easily pastable and ready to comment. Now you can comment as well as share the link that will take to the exact part of the clip.

Moreover, you can simply comment on the video with the time. YouTube will itself detect it as the timestamps and will take you to the specific part of the video. Simply comment the time in minutes: seconds format and you are all set.


Since there is no URL editing mode on YouTube mobile, users can make use of YouTube’s sharing feature for timestamping. You can simply log into the YouTube application and search for the video. After finding the video, tap the share option, followed by the horizontal dots icons. After that select the “copy URL” option to edit the URL. Simply go the post wherever you want to share the video link and edit the URL as discussed above. The time format is the same as &t=1h2m3s.


The timestamps are the easier way to enhance the user experience with your videos. Mostly, the user comes in a hurry to extract the information or solve the problem. In this case, dividing the long video into several parts is beneficial for the visitor as well as the search engine. The search engine has the ability to read the tags as well as the description and then shows the results. In this way, you can improve the channel views and key content information with just a simple trick.

The trick can be used as the leverage to gain a maximum audience on the channel and promote your brand. In the end, the takeaway is to include the snippets of searches in the video description along with the timestamps.