Tips to use technology in the salon to improve performance

Technology has revolutionized the world!!

Almost every business has adapted it and changed the way of managing and handling customers. Also, the individualized experience of Salons has improved.

Usually, the salon faces issues in handling and building customer volume. Because, they need tracking of the appointments, managing their inventory, assuring sales, and many more. With just a pen and paper approach, the boost in Salon revenue cannot be guaranteed. Hence, there is a need to move to digital methods and prioritize investment in the latest technological tools. And, these tools are termed Salon Software.

Undeniably, the Salon management software has owned a good space in the leading or popular Salons or Spas. From streamlining their daily operations, managing the customers, marketing automation, users or role management to reports/analytics, etc. it takes care of everything. Considering that, you need to Automate Your Salon Technology.

Including the Salon solution in your Salon not only controls all the daily activities but, also, allows you to use your free time in carrying out more productive tasks. And you can become more strategic in your Salon plans. Use this Salon Technology and operate your Salon seamlessly without any stress. Here, in this article, we are showing how you can use this Salon Software to improve performance.

How to use Salon Technology to improve the Salon performance

Bring in more customers

From the Salon management software, you can attract more customers, know-how below:

  • Referral program

Allow your potential customers to get rewards for bringing in their friends, family, or some of their known. What you can do is that you can offer them discounts on the services they are regular in using, offer them free products, reward points, anything to get more footfall at your Salon door. Also, you provide new customers with discounts to reduce the fear of the strange.

  • Target different customers 

Offer competing rates on the general haircuts which most prefer and visit the barber. Use some portion of your Salon for children. It not only relaxes the busy parents for some time, besides, you end up cutting the child’s hair also.

Here, you have to keep in mind that the Salon should not be within the earshot or within the sight of your regular customers.

  • Social media marketing 

You can use social media and put on your Salon’s offers and discounts to attract visitors. In addition to that, ask your customers to post the before/after pictures of the services. This certainly is the best marketing tip to please the visitors.

Know what your customers need/want

Depend more on customer feedback when it is about changing the offerings and services. However, do you know how you can receive that feedback?

You can use the traditional route and normally ask, although some are not comfortable in communicating so. They can tell positive things about your Salon to please you. To know the actual statement, you have to give them anything in return. Just a simple comment section on the in-store with less price, like, a free day of pampering or an elite bath bundle is all that you require to receive the feedback flowing.

  • Provide some products and services

You can get more customers or sales and attract new customers by regularly changing the offers. What it means is that you can fix the meetings with the best dietician, a masseuse, an aesthetician. Or, just start a new product line, keep on giving what your customers require or like. 

Appointment/Customer Management System

Salon software

With the management software, like Salonist, the customers can schedule their bookings with you online. Like, when visitors visit your website from their phone, then, they can book with you from the “Book Now” button. 

The online appointment booking feature allows the customers to check when your staff is free and accordingly, they can choose the date/time which is best for you both. What more- you can keep a track of every appointment in one place. Checking the personal details or customer’s service history is feasible from the technological solution. 

Loyalty Programs

There are many ways to attract new customers and make them regular ones- loyalty programs are one of them. And, Salon solutions can help in achieving so. Undeniably, many retailers or Salon owners are using it and improving customer engagement. Reward your potential customers for any of the below mentioned:

  • Referring friends
  • Pre-booking
  • Including the new services
  • Booking appointments online

Online Scheduling

More than half of the customers use different channels to approach the Salons. And, this irritates them. The online booking software allows the customers to book easily, find out how below:

  • First, the customers do not like to communicate with the receptionist or they do not have time. Hence, they like to use online booking software to secure their appointments easily and quickly.
  • This digital method reduces the workload of front desk staff. This saves their time and they can work on assisting the customers in the Salon already. 
  • Here, you must know that the software has open API or built-in integration. Therefore, it can operate with other business applications. From the integrated applications, the Salon business can get an exact picture of the customer’s history and interaction.

Accept new and old payment modes

In the Salon industry, different payment methods are used, both in-store and online. Many have started using payment modes, like, credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. Facebook has also delved into the payment business. 

Here, the Salon Technology i.e. Salon software’s feature Point of Sale (POS) is best to adopt. It accepts different payment options (old and new, both) for making the checkout process simple for the customers. The more preferred payment gateways are, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize. Net, etc.

Offer the most reliable communication options

Among many communication methods, nowadays, customers like to contact your Salon with more convenient and reliable ones, even if it is email, SMS, or Facebook messenger.

Receiving a reply on time is not guaranteed. Here, the Salon Software is a helping hand. With its leverage, you can send and receive the messages in the preferred format, in the same centralized inbox. Also, many salon solutions have a live chat option with which communication is assured 24X7. 

Send customers regular notifications and check-ins 

Everyone is busy these days, the staff and the customers. As there is nothing more useful than the post-appointment check-in, appointment notification, and sending the messages to an individual is a time-consuming task.

The technologies, these days, are empowering the Salons to send SMS in bulk to customers for automating the sending and communicating process. Like, after the mani-pedi appointment, the stylist or receptionist can send a follow-up message to know whether the customers are satisfied with the service or not.

The Salon Software supports text campaigns that empower the staff to send the SMS (personalized or rewritten) on the preferred schedule. The campaigns eradicate the contact according to the receipt responses and also, include the personalized messages according to the custom fields. It personalizes the check-ins and appointment reminders easily.

Ask for online feedback

The customers these days review the websites before purchasing anything or booking. Even though 91% of people occasionally or regularly read online reviews. 84% of people believe online reviews work the same ways as personal recommendations. If you want to find out how to attract more customers to your Salon door, then, you must ask the current loyal customers to know how much they like your services.

With the Salon Technology solution, you can send the review requests with SMS and receive the required responses. The review requests can also be automated with personalized or scheduled messages. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another solution that makes it simple to send out the bulk message to the followers. This is great when running promotions or launching a marketing campaign. And offering clients an incentive to sign up for your email list such as a discount, shows the best results.

Concluding Remarks

For improving the success curve of your Salon, it is a must to keep up with the technological aspects. Undoubtedly, Salon Software is the Salon Technology that supports your Salon to grow at a higher pace. It integrates all the essential elements or features that your Salon requires. 

We insist you use the tools around you to save your effort and time and carry out other fruitful tasks. These technological aspects have made managing the activities easier as it was not before.

Hopefully, this article has given you the best of the knowledge. If you have some queries or suggestions, then, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!!