Tips to Use Air Compressors for Your Car

Air compressors are a great tool to have in your garage. While air compressors can be used around the home that you may not have thought of, there are also great automotive air compressors for cars. From setting up air tools to cleaning, here’s what you can do with a compressor while working on your car.

Electric clock

One of the most prominent applications of a compressor in cars is to power pneumatic tools. If you have a large compressor (at least 20 gallons), you can use it to roll air crackers, sands, etc. just like the professionals. 

Before using a compressor on any air tool, be sure to adjust the air pressure to the correct value for each tool. If the tool spins too fast, you can damage internal components and injure yourself.

Spray it

Air Compressors are great for painting a car with a spray gun. To protect everything around you, windows and anything you don’t want to paint, start by caulking the area you’re painting and always wear a respirator. 

Finally, set the compressor to enough pressure to force the paint out of the gun and test the spray on the cardboard box, making sure the paint is well distributed in a fine mist. 

Spin it over

Rotating parts are difficult to clean. Whenever you brush them, they start spinning, preventing you from pressing down to remove the dirt. Hold the part with a clamp or attach it to the machine. Use a pressure nozzle and press the rotating part until it moves fast enough (without turning at high rpm!). 

Then hold the brush over the area to clean, allowing the air to circulate. Do not use your hand to stop the part after finishing work. Instead, slow it down by blowing a small burst from the opposite side to counteract that area.

Fully pumped

One of the most common uses for a compressor in a car is to inflate tires. Make sure you have a pressure gauge so you know how high you are pushing them. Set the maximum pressure below the maximum inflation indicated on the sidewall of the tire. 

When ready, attach the nozzle to the valve stem, inflate it and check the pressure from time to time with a pressure gauge. When you reach the pressure recommended by your vehicle manufacturer (usually 32 psi), move on to the next tire to properly inflate and align all four tires. 

Other Uses

In addition to powering or cleaning tools and lifting objects, compressed air can be used for a variety of general-purpose jobs. When changing spark plugs, remove the wires, wear safety glasses and briefly blow compressed air into each hole to remove dirt and debris before removing the spark plug to expose the combustion chamber. 

Compressed air is great for removing loose surface rust and cleaning rotten areas without using hands and avoiding cuts. Use a long airgun and a full face shield to protect yourself from being ejected. Compressors can serve many purposes in your car. From tools to painting, cleaning and some simple repairs, there are many situations where compressed air comes in handy. Some of the best air compressor suppliers in UAE will provide you with top-notch compressors that you can use in multiple areas.