Tips to Store Your Stuff During Home Renovation!

Are you fed up with that compact house that can’t even give you a storage facility?

Of course, you’re!

Having a few square footage houses result in a lack of space. If you ask any homeowner in Singapore – “What would they like to improve in their existing house?” – you’ll probably hear one thing – “remodeling”. Doesn’t matter whether it’s about enhancing the space or needing some structural changes, home renovation Singapore has become a vital concern.

However, a small, compact house requires detail-structure planning and a lot of forethought for converting it into a more enhanced version. Additionally, home renovation requires full attention, planning, material list, HDB registered contractors, and many other factors before proceeding.

Aside from these factors and browsing through interior design pegs, you must think of where you’ll store your furniture and personal items during renovation. After all, no one wants to see massive disruption in their lifestyle for the duration of the refurbishment.

Fortunately, there are lots of temporary storage options you can pick while building your dream home. Here are the following!

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How to Store Stuff During Home Renovation

Create House Belonging Lists

Before boarding to structuring your dream home, you need to create a list of household belongings to secure them in a safe place. Make sure your list contains the name of every item. Remember that fragile or valuable items such as appliances, jewelry, and antiques require special care. So, you must have all the essential storage solutions to easily access the belongings like clothing, toiletries, kitchenware, and personal electronics. You may need to secure storage items in containers, packaging for fragile items, dust-proof covers, and labels.

Choose Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers have the ability to completely provide a secure place for storing items. It clears items out of your home by maintaining the flexibility and convenience of having those items on hand when you need them. Through this storage option, you create a lot of space in rooms for renovation. While choosing a container, make sure you bring a box that can comfortably accommodate all your belongings and is perfect in size. Choosing this option means avoiding the hassle of hiring trailers or trucks.

Designate a Specific Space for Storage

If you’re applying the remodeling project to one portion, you can choose another portion of your house for securing your possessions and furniture. This could be a living room, bedroom, or basement. So, push all the items to the center of the room. This way the HDB registered contractors will receive space for proceeding with their work.

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However, don’t forget to cover them with a plastic sheet for protecting them from paint and dust. It could be the perfect solution for storage during the remodelling conundrum. This is a cost-effective option and counted as a temporary solution for keeping your items secure in your house. Big projects can easily cross your scheduled time. That’s why it’s necessary to pick a space that you won’t likely need anytime soon such as a basement or garage. These could be ideal options.

Temporary Self Storage at a Secure Storage Facility

Self-storage is one of the ideal options for easy accessibility. This is an excellent choice if you live in a place where portable storage containers aren’t conveniently available. With the availability of traditional self-storage facilities, you won’t only be able to keep your items secure and safe but also give efficient space for furniture, appliances, clothes, books, art, and other items.

These facilities provide excellent storage options to keep items for a longer time as you want. You’ll get back your item in the exact condition you left them when you pick them up. Various self-storage companies offer a broad array of the perfect sizes. So, you can choose the relevant one that meets your requirements. In case, if you don’t know – which is the exact self-storage size you need to pick, you need to evaluate it with a self-storage unit size estimator.

Hire Moving Labour

For relocating heavy furniture and boxes, whether these items in the basement or a storage container in the driveway, it isn’t possible by yourself. So, if you’re concerned about tackling this task on your own, you can take assistance from professional labor.

During the remodeling process, it isn’t possible to handle all the work. But moving labour can make it possible for you. You can get different quotes from moving labour companies for acquiring their services. So, choose an agency that is licensed, insured, and certified as there are various moving labour agencies that have well-skilled professionals

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Wrapping Up!

Intending to change the look of your home? As you see above, there are various options to keep your household belongings and possessions secure and safe. These above-mentioned storage options can’t only assist in protecting your items from damage or any accidental situations, but also provide a safe place for a longer time.

These options also convert your renovation project journey hassle-free. You can choose any storage facility according to availability.