Tips To Protect The Roof Of Your Commercial Building

A roof is an essential part of any commercial structure. It protects your investment from effects caused by weather conditions and also acts as security. Therefore, it is good to ensure that your commercial top is always in proper condition.

All types of commercial roofing require preventive maintenance to avoid wear and tear. Preventive maintenance saves you some dollars that you would have utilized to correct a total breakdown. It also increases your building’s lifespan. The following tips will help you understand how to keep your commercial roof in good condition.

1. Roof Inspection

Inspecting your commercial top might seem to be a complex activity. Walking on top of your workstation might not be easy, but this might be your only way out to avoid future breakdowns. For best results with your commercial roof inspection, be sure to hire a reputable commercial roofing company. The following are reasons for a roof inspection.

  • Looking for undetected leaks
  • Identifying weak spots
  • Looking for possible Sagging
  • Cracks
  • Locked drains
  • Removing any debris from the top of your building

The recommended span for roof inspection is 3-4 times per year. Also, it would be good to have your commercial covering inspected before winter to avoid the hassle of repairing it at freezing temperatures.

2. Repair and Maintenance

Generally, your building covering will not remain in the same good condition throughout its lifetime. Several factors including, weathering, rusting, and degeneration, affect the materials used in the construction. Therefore it is favorable to seek advice on the status of your roof from your hired company. Your chosen contractor will help you determine whether there is any repair or replacement required.

During construction, you should choose a reliable builder who performs installation and offers repair and replacement options. The contractor should also provide the covering’s life expectancy so that you can plan on maintenance.

Additionally, your commercial roofer will help you clear your Gutters and Drains during maintenance. Drainage systems get blocked due to debris, snow, and other materials, which might cause severe damages if not maintained.

3. Repair or Replace

When your building covering reaches the expectancy period, the two options you should consider are repair or replacement. Reroofing is when your building covering is installed over an existing one by adding a new layer of shingles.

On the other hand, roof replacement involves total tearing down the old one and replacing it with a new one. To determine the best suitable method for your covering, seek advice from a professional contractor.

Reroofing should be done when the underlying structures of your building covering are still in good condition. Shingles should not be missing, have leaks or curls. It also ensures that no water is trapped between the two layers of the shingles.

4. Use the Best Roofing Technology

In the building industry, technology has also made a significant impact. Improved technology has made it easier to perform complex tasks. Through drone technology, a contractor can easily inspect your building for any damages. Also, infrared scanners can detect moisture as a result of leaky commercial cover.

When hiring a builder, be sure to find one who works with the best technology. This technology will not only help during installation but will also help to monitor your commercial top afterward. Using the best technology ensures that the lifespan of your building is prolonged.

5. Choose a Professional Roofer

The quality of your commercial covering depends on your Cincinnati commercial roofing company you chose to hire. Thus, ensure that you hire an experienced builder to work on your commercial covering. Below are some aspects to consider when determining a building company that is best for you.

  • Ensure that your contractor has all the licenses, equipment, and skills required
  • Do not go for a cheap contractor but consider the quality of work
  • Communication is always essential in a project; therefore, choose a skilled professional who will keep you updated on the work progress
  • Choose a local contractor who is trustworthy and has a good reputation in the area
  • Good contractors have confidence in their work and are therefore likely to offer a warranty

6. Keep Your Commercial Covering Clean

Keeping your commercial covering clean is a great way to prolong its lifespan. Research has shown that regular cleaning of commercial tops helps to increase savings on maintenance. Commercial covering with low slopes or flats is vulnerable to several issues, including clogged drains, debris and growth damage, and poor energy conservation.

7. Remove Snow Following a Winter Season

Generally, prolonged building exposure to snow can lead to damages. Some of the effects of ice build-up include damaged membranes, damaged drainage systems, among others. It is wise to hire a professional ice remover before winter so that you don’t have to go through the hassle when winter falls.

8. Cut Down Overhanging Trees

Trees that hang over your commercial top pose a significant danger to the structure. The most effective way is to have the trees pruned regularly. This process will eliminate the risk of branches falling to the building top and prevent the build-up of debris and the formation of algae.

9. Ensure Equipment On The Roof Is Functional

To keep your investments safe, ensure that the pieces of equipment on top of your workplace are fully functional. That is because faulty equipment may bring issues to your commercial top. Ensure that air conditioner equipment, electrical components, and vents are properly maintained to keep your cover safe.

10. Look for Damaged Flashing

When the seal becomes broken, moisture can penetrate through the commercial building cover and cause molds. To protect the interior of your workplace together with its covering, be sure to repair all the damaged flashings.


It is never too late to take action. Thus if you have given up on the condition of your roof, take your time and seek a consultant from a professional and qualified commercial contractor. Be sure that the covering of your workplace will look as good as new.

In addition, ensure that you set up a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for your business covering. Having done all that work, you are surely guaranteed the prolonged lifespan of your commercial top.