Top Expert-Recommended Tips to Plan an Engaging Offsite Event

Amidst the current global pandemic, travel bans, quarantine, and social distancing have made it almost impossible for companies and businesses to hold team meetings of any size, anywhere. At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the initial reaction was postponing or cancelling those events, but considering the current situation, how long can you postpone your meeting for?  

Are you willing to take the chance and cancel all company meetings until the situation gets better? Are you ready to shut down your business and face losses? If not, then going offsite is a great alternative. Virtual offsites were rare until a few weeks ago due to the outspread of coronavirus.   

Plan Your Virtual Offsite Event

Are you one of those people who are thinking about cancelling their meetings or events, over concerns that a virtual meeting would not be as productive as an in-person meeting? Keep reading as this article is all about offsite events and how to get most out of them.  

1. Make sure all your attendees have tools they’ll need 

To make sure everyone is on board for the event/meeting, ensure ahead of time that all attendees have the required tools. Conduct a pre-meeting session to instruct and guide everyone on how to set up the software or required video technology.  

You can also consult with corporate event management companies in Dubai to guide you with a perfect online platform for your conference or a meeting. They will help you choose a software that is easy to install and user-friendly. It will make sure every individual is involved in the whole process.  

2. Carefully design offsite flow  

Offsite events are unlike any in-person meeting, as there is no room for an unplanned pause. Therefore, a virtual meeting needs meticulous planning before the event. To get started, divide your event into sections and start with your goals for each section; what you want to achieve. First, make a plan without incorporating technology and then consider the best possible solution. 

Make the event as simple as possible and to the point. After creating a detailed design, email it to all the attendees and employees days before the meeting so they know what it will about. It gives them enough room to do their research and be prepared for the meeting.  

3. Size of the group and assigned roles 

Your offsite event is just like a movie production; every individual has to assigned roles, so they know what is expected of them. Make sure your attendees know who is responsible for handling technology and online software? Who is the facilitator? And who should be contacted in case of a technical problem? 

Another factor to consider is the size of the event group. One of the most common mistakes made in offsite is that there are too many participants. Most people do that as there are no physical or cost constraints, so they end up sending invites to everybody, and before they know it, a small meeting turns into a town gathering. Use your goals and objectives of the event to determine who should attend.  

4. Focus more on discussion rather than presentation 

Long presentations can destroy not only the momentum of a virtual meeting but also an in-person meeting. No one wants to hear a 30-minute-long presentation full of statistics and numbers. So stop wasting everyone’s time and make a small, to-the-point presentation. You can provide the background and additional information to the attendees via email in advance, so they know what you are talking about.  

Just imagine, how will people pay attention to what you are saying if they are too busy reading words crammed into your one slide? Instead, ask questions from attendees to give them a chance to express their ideas and thoughts. Focus more on discussion instead of lengthy PowerPoint presentations.  

5. Make it interactive and engaging 

Your offsite meeting does not have to be boring, with the right tools you can make is just as engaging and interactive. For example, use tools like a chatroom, which enables people to comment as speakers are talking. This way, you can involve these participants and their remarks in your live discussion.  

One big advantage of a virtual offsite conference is that people who often remained silent in an in-person meeting, give their insights, and share their ideas when it comes to offsite. Use functions like polling in your online platforms for discussions and ensure that everyone gets a chance to interact and ask questions.  

Another exciting feature that you can use if of Breakouts. Although this function is not available on all software, so it is recommended to consult an event and exhibition company in Dubai such as https://mavenlabsdubai.com/ to guide you with a perfect online platform for your needs. You can use this tool to make small groups of attendees, which provides a more intimate setting for discussions and problem-solving. A facilitator can look over all the break rooms, but this requires planning.  

It’s All about Preparation! 

It is impossible to replicate an in-person meeting in an online setting. But don’t let the coronavirus outbreak stop you from doing your business in a smart way. With the right preparation, tools, and willingness to participate, you can easily hold an offsite event that gives you results.  

With the help of the above-mentioned tips and event management expert, you will not only love your virtual conference, but you will likely do that again sometime.  


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