Tips to Make Your Mailer Boxes Attractive

Life is becoming fast every day, the time for leisure and physically shopping is not something the world is working on. Online shopping has become the favorite way of shopping nowadays. Pandemic has raised the need for it and with retail stores closing every day, online shopping might be the only future of shopping. The competition has grown so much that the businesses providing online services have to work on their packaging too.

Reason to work on packaging is that putting branding on your mailer boxes makes the business stand out from the competitors. Printed mailer boxes are always a good idea. You can make one design and get mailer boxes bulkmade from any reputable company like Refine Packaging or OBT Packaging.

Design and Color

Always hire a designer with a good sense of design and creativity. To make the supply line smooth, hire professionals to help you. Do not try to cheap out of the important situations, which can make or break your business.

Branding has become important these days, how you design your mailer box matters a lot in business. Good branding always impresses the customer, a bad branding on the mailer box can easily ruin the mood of your customer, and he might not order again. When you are going for the printed mailer boxes, make sure the colors are correct and the same in every package.

Make unboxing a delightful experience for your customer. Having a beautiful design and color is an amazing experience with a practical mailer box style. The mailer box should always be functional. It should be able to protect the product inside the box. Before getting your mailer boxes bulk from the company, make sure you check the design that it will be useful for the kind of product you are going to use it for. The product should not be damaged in the process of transit.

A little bit of craft will also be a good addition to the packaging. Custom painted stickers with a strategic placing is a creative way to make your mailer box unique. You can use unusual materials for the mailers to stand out amongst the crowd of parcels.

Securing the product with attractive inserts

Product security is important and it is not necessary that you use ugly fillings to make it safe.

There are ways to make your product look beautiful and safe.

  • You can use shipping peanuts to fill the empty spaces to ensure your product does not move inside the package. You do not have to use non-recyclable peanuts for this purpose. Big companies like OBT Packaging can easily provide you with biodegradable peanuts, which not only look nice but also help in keeping the environment clean.
  • Another way to secure your product is get beautiful customized inserts made for your products. Cardboard inserts are very famous these days. There can be prints on the inserts to. It will make them functional and captivating for eyes too.

Writing Social Messages

Making social messages part of your mailer boxes in a subtle way is a plus for your packaging. You can write eco friendly notes or how to unbox the package notes. These will add value to the environment as well as your brand. You can also use custom shipping tape with messages written on it for this purpose. A custom-made packaging tape always leaves a good impression on the customer and raises the interest in the product.


The product should be orderly placed in the package and there should not be any clumsiness. It leaves a bad impression on your customer when they open the package and there is no effort in making the product look nice.

Always make sure that your mailer box is neatly closed and there is not any hanging loose product. All the above-mentioned techniques will help it look neat. Make sure you use your custom design or ordinary tape very neatly to close the mailer box. There should not be any folds and wrinkles in the tape. Because all the effort can go in vain if the tape is not neat because tape is the first impression of the package.

Bottom line

While making your mailer box look pretty always makes sure that it is durable and strong and will not get mushy in the transit. All the effort will be in waste if the package will not look nice to receive in the end. Use credible companies like OBT packaging to have the best possible material used in the making of mailer boxes.

While using printed mailer boxes try to guide your supply company about the quality of colors, so they do not fade out. If you are already a successful business, once you have gotten the colors right do not get multiple small orders made, try to get mailer box bulk to maintain the color.