Tips to keep your Carpets Clean During Winters

The winters in Alberta lasts for several months of the year and it can be difficult to your carpets clean. However, here are some tried and tested tips that you can begin using today to keep your carpet clean during winters.

  1. Keep your footways and entrance moved

Well, we definitely hate shoveling but guess wat, you can’t just walk in mounds of snow and not get it stuck to your boosts. Hence, dig those walks!

  • Add one more mat at the entryway to collect soil

Buy a cheap synthetic mat with a small, tight pile. No matter if you want to layer this mat above your wall to wall carpet or want to place it on the floor, it will absorb the snow and dust from the bottom of your shoes.

  • Buy a boot tray

Buying a boot tray will give your family, friends and visitors a view of where to place their soiled shoes. They are highly recommended because they hold your muddy, soiled boots, while snow melts off of it along with gravel and grime.

Ways to remove mud from your carpet

You can rely on efficient and sturdy carpet cleaning solutions to wipe out all the dust and dirt from your carpet. This is for all those who experience severe mud build-up on their carpets. First and foremost, you should dust off as much mud as possible, while dry, then apply carpet cleaning solution to the soiled area and scrub it off cautiously.

Salt stain removal remedy

A lot of car owners deal with the problem of salt formation on car at the time of winters. Apart from being corrosive to the metal body of your car, it can also stain the carpets. So, it is important to vacuum all the debris and spritz water and vinegar in equal quantity. Then with the help of a clean cloth apply pressure on the spot and absorb as much moisture as possible. Repeat the procedure till the salt stain fully disappears. You can also use this same remedy if you notice salt on your room carpet.

  • In case you have a dog, train them to wipe their paws

Well, dogs will find it fun to learn. Once they learn the behavior, you can cue them to clean their paws every time they come in. So, rather than bolting up the carpet with dirty paws, you will have a clean carpet to show off.

  • Vacuum every week

Vacuuming every week will give the dirt, dust and debris away from getting ground into the carpet. Concentrate on high traffic areas when vacuuming to increase the life of your carpets. With time, as the dirt builds up in the carpet, it rubs against the fibers and starts wearing out. So, vacuum every week!

Lastly, to keep your carpets clean during winters, you should get them professionally steam cleaned. In Edmonton winter lasts for 7-8 months every year. You can definitely hire professional carpet cleaning services to get it cleaned well.