Tips to Improve your Online Customer Experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic

It wasn’t very long ago whenoptimising and mobilising websites and e-commerce platforms meant increasing digital customer experience but now times have changed drastically. COVID-19 epidemic has created a new normal for practically every facet of our lives right from how we work to how we interact. Once COVID-19 is under control, certain aspects will almost certainly revert to normal, hoping socialising would be one of them while others, like our purchasing patterns, may continue to evolve in their newform.

During this time, the most successful businesses have concentrated on providing a comprehensive, customer-centric digital experience. This entails personalising, simplifying, and optimising each customer touchpoint and engagement. Are you intrigued as to why? Because excellent customer service fosters loyalty, which leads to repeat purchases and revenue development. And the digital experience—particularly in newer applications—is crucial.

Even though businesses are facing difficult times, the silver lining appears to be shining brightly for e-commerce.With consumers trapped at home and hesitant to venture out, internet retail outlets have emerged as the new shopping malls for both essential and luxury goods. It might be the chance you’ve been looking for. As an organization, are you ready to take advantage of the scenario and gain an advantage over your competitors? Here are a few pointers to help you have a competitive advantage over others.

#1 Go where the customers are

For many years, the term digital transformation has been used to describe creative techniques that businesses should pursue to create a more seamless consumer experience. While some businesses jumped on board immediately, others took their time. Now is the time for all businesses to embrace it as there is no longer a choice – you need to be present throughout the customer experience lifecycle. Brands should reach customers where they are: on digital media, to sustain client happiness. However, providing a user-friendly website or application isn’t enough; marketers must go above and beyond to deliver their services and products to customers’ homes.

#2 Maintain a close bond with your consumers and their data

Customer experience analysis can prove to be highly beneficial for businesses. It’s time to put your CRM software to work, ensuring that leads and sales are tracked, customers are served, and staff are productive even when they are not in the office. To avoid missing opportunities, start by bridging your CRM system to your website.Create workflows, notifications, and reminders to tie your sales team’s efforts together.Most businesses are also adopting multi-tenant architecture. Multi-tenancy enables SaaS suppliers to efficiently serve everyone from small clients who don’t require dedicated infrastructure to huge organisations who want almost unlimited compute resources in the cloud.

#3 Keep your website updated

Today, customer experience management is crucial more than ever it was as everything is on a knife’s edge right now. Customers are nervous, and firms are in a state of flux. Your first priority is to deliver crucial information about your company’s current state to customers. Updating your website with current information will help you earn your customer’s trust and boost your chances of making a transaction.

There are various options for including this type of information on your website. You can design specialised content, pages or FAQs that customers may quickly and easily access. You could also utilise your website to educate first-time online purchasers with safety guidelines or guidance on how to get the most out of their experience.Opting for a multi-tenant application is a great choice as it includes an automated signup process. The configured domain and sub-domain are both automated as well.

#4 Reconsider how you use technology and machines

Consider your ability to use technology like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and others to satisfy your customers’ evolving requirements and preferences.One of the numerous ways these devices may aid in the optimization of your CX programme is to scale customer assistance.The correct quantity of resources vs the number of requests coming in is a difficult balance in customer service. Machines can assist your brand in maintaining that balance in favour of the client and your Customer Support team’s people.

To provide personalised help at scale, you need to consider artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, and content. Along with personalisation, it is crucial to maintain the privacy of each customer. Customers can share computer resources in a public or private cloud with a multi-tenant cloud computing architecture. The data of each tenant is kept separate from those of other tenants.

#5 Improve page loading time

Your consumers are less likely to bounce before you get a chance to attract them if your pages load quickly. Increase revenues and consumer interaction by reducing the load time of your website. To keep your site running at top performance, some of the best practices are optimising images and using browser caching. Always remember, providing top-notch customer experience and customer service is the need of the hour.

#6 Decrease shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is costly, especially for tiny businesses that need every penny they can earn. Optimize your shopping cart to lower bounce rates and increase the number of people who complete the purchase process. Providing customers with a variety of payment choices and free shipping is a terrific approach to keep them on hooked onto your business.

#7 When consumers leave, collect feedback

Customer experience enhancement is something businesses must focus on.Find out why customers cancel their memberships or opt not to purchase by asking them in a pop-up or email what turned them off. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover how to create a better future experience (and potentially collect contact information in the process). With a single question and multiple-choice answers, keep your customer experience feedback collecting easy.

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#8 Be transparent with your customers

Customers nowadays want brands to communicate openly and operate with integrity. Discuss how you obtain your products and how you implement social responsibility on your website. With one-click single-line forms, make it simple for customers to sign up for restock notifications.

In the tremendous task of COVID-19, customer experience strategy has taken on a new meaning and complexity. Customer leaders who care and innovate throughout this crisis, anticipating how consumers’ behaviours will change, can develop deeper relationships that will last long after the crisis has passed.