Tips to Hire the Best Tree care Professional 

Hiring a tree service professional can be a little tricky if you are doing it for the very first time. You see, tree removing is a job that demands special skills as it calls for a lot of other factors to be taken into account-like safety of your property and people staying there.

Typically, most backyards have the problem of overgrown trees, which becomes an issue in the long run; especially, if you use your backyard frequently to host parties or gatherings.

So, how do you go about choosing a qualified tree service professional? What are the things to keep in mind? Here are a handful of tips to get you started.

Tips to Choose the Best Tree Care Professional

Consider the risks involved

The first thing about hiring a tree care professional is to assess the risks involved. Next, it’s time to check for certified professionals in your area who have had prior experience in handling similar jobs. If you run a simple Google search on tree accidents, you will see a large number of them took place when professionals were working a job for a client.


Fret not. That’s not the case everywhere. Such incidents only point out that no matter how easy the task looks, the reality can be a tad different. When you work with skilled professionals, they are better equipped in handling moderate to complex tree removing jobs, no matter what the ills or the odds are. Many times, you get a friend or a relative who knows a guy just around the neighborhood who claims to be good, but chances are people can get hurt if someone half-skilled takes a shot at it.

Ensure legitimacy before you hire

Before you hire a tree care professional or a company, there are things that you need to ensure. Starting with a business license, which is the first and foremost thing that confirms legitimacy. Next comes the insurance part, which is necessary for a company to have since handling trees is quite a risky job that requires skilled professionals with a good amount of experience.


Plus, without proper insurance in place, any hazard during the work could add to your misery as a homeowner, and one can easily get tangled in a pool of legal issues, even when nobody wants to. An expert and trained tree care professional should be able to show you a copy of liability insurance when asked for.

Safety is of paramount concern

When the tree care professional takes up the job, you, as a homeowner, you should check for the safety gear that he company plans on using. Starting with safety helmets and protective eye gear and steel toe boots, the company should have the necessary climbing gear that should include saddles and professional arborist ropes to make their job easy.


Remember, ladders are not for tree care jobs. If you find a tree care professional making use of ladders to get the job done, know that they aren’t exactly the expert hands at work and run the risk of causing damage to your property and hurting people who stay there. It only makes sense since removing and handling large chunks of wood leads to a great of friction that requires the involvement of rigging gears and specially designed pulleys and ropes to facilitate smooth handling.

Get the work estimate beforehand

To avoid last-minute negotiations and other hassles towards payment, always get a written estimate from the tree care professional. Anyhow, a legitimate tree care business shall always put forward their proposal in writing, without having to ask for it. Also, never agree to an upfront payment, no matter how genuine or skilled the company or the professional is.


Note that, a professional in the field would never ask money from the client before the job is done, unlike a home contractor who needs to furnish materials before he can start. A tree care job requires only workforce and the safety gear that comes with it.

Compare before you confirm

Before you give the nod to hire a professional, compare the details and pricing estimates with others. Ask the questions upfront and be specific. For instance, will they only trim the dead branches or take to shaping the entire tree? What will happen to the twigs and the leaves after the job is done? What about large pieces of wood and how they are going to transport it off your ground? These questions, no matter how dumb you think, are essential to ask a professional before they can start working on your property.


When comparing pricing estimates from one company to another, one can’t help but notice how figures vary drastically. This is chiefly because some companies use better gear than others and thus compensates for additional jobs with a higher bid. Other factors are a company’s service time; sometimes they operate fast, and other times they are slow on picking such tasks, which also affects the pricing.


The key is patience. As a service seeker, one should really be patient while negotiating prices. While you are at it, it is also to be taken into consideration that tree care job is not a commodity price, when negotiating for the most economical rate works. It is a dangerous job that needs skilled people who are well-equipped and promise safety with the best service, even though one has to pay a little on the higher side.

Wrap up

When looking to hire a tree care professional, one really needs to be careful. With a little bit of research and careful consideration of matters in hand, one is assured of getting quality service from skilled hands at work. Ensure to verify company info and check for licenses and other certificates, which is necessary to trust people you allow to work on your property and avoid mishaps from happening.

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