Tips To Hire Magician for Birthday Party Of Your Child

If you want to hire a magician for a birthday party and make it hipper then this post is for you. Read till the ending line to find out how you can hire the perfect magician for your birthday party. 

Everyone loves to celebrate and enjoy a birthday party. Everyone loves it. There is no one who doesn’t enjoy a birthday party. It is all about wishing or greeting the person who is the center of attraction. It is organized to celebrate this important day with the closest people and making beautiful memories. However, when it comes to celebrating a child’s birthday party, you need to pay explicit attention on various things otherwise it can cause many problems. Children want to be entertained and they hate sitting idle in a party.

Magic Most Popular Kid’s Entertainment

Unlike adults, birthday parties for children are all games and fun. You have to keep them engrossed in it. Nevertheless, the choices of entertainment for children’s birthday parties are plenty, with the most popular one being magic. 

You can look online when it comes to magician hire for birthday party. Magic performances keep the kids engaged and allow them to have fun. Moreover, it gives the magicians an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world.

The most popular versions of magic performed by Magicians for private events like birthdays are:

Close-up magic: any magic act where the magician is performing from a close distance to audience, instead of on a stage. Close-up magicians are popularly called Mix and Mingle entertainers since they join in with your guests, moving around performing directly to individual guests and small groups.

Table magicians or tableside magic: A mix and mingle magician who performs tricks for the guests sitting at their tables as part of a sit-down meal. Table magic is also the name given to conventional magic performed at a special table belonging to the magician.

Slight-of-hand magicians: Like close-up magic slight-of-hand magicians perform tricks without any special props for instance cabinets, hats, tubes, etc. On the other hand they entertain with tricks involving daily use objects, or simply coins, cards, watches, etc. Usually their show involves ‘pickpocketing’ audience members.

Tips To Hire Magician for Birthday Party

Stay Local: When looking online, you’ll likely find a few websites that act as ‘booking agents’ and try to connect you with other entertainers. It may seem they’re based in your city, but they could easily have another website/s (or part of their site) for every city. By avoiding nationwide booking agents, you will cut out the middleman, save good money, and establish direct contact with your performer Andrew Nunn. Also ensure he gets all the information he needs.

Check Experience: Experience and reviews given by previous customers come in handy! The last thing you want to do is hire a magician who specializes in adult corporate event entertainment, to perform in your child’s birthday party. Be specific and hire a professional who specializes in precisely what you’re looking for; and has a performance history to prove he or she will do a great job.

Listen: When talking to magicians over a phone, focus on what they are saying. As you’re calling many persons it is easy to confuse the details of one magician’s show with another. Ensure to listen and make a note of what you’re hearing from different performers. Don’t assume that all magicians automatically work the same way as the first magician you talked to does. If the magician you finally hire has specific requests like keeping the children in a separate area while the show is being set up, do ensure to make those happen.


These tips will makes your hiring job a lot easier.