Tips to help you travel with your contact lenses

Regardless of whether you want to travel for pleasure or business, it’s easy to forget your normal routine. You may skip your daily workouts and some usual activities. There is also a chance that you may fail to follow your usual routine of putting on and caring for your contacts. 

Unfortunately, relaxing when it comes to your contact lenses can cause discomfort or even an eye infection. This is the reason why you need to prepare well before you decide to travel. This page provides some tips to help you travel with your contact lenses.

Eyewear prescriptions

Before you decide to pack your clothes, you need to see your eye doctor to check your eyes so that you can ensure that your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are up to date. You also need to purchase enough contacts at a reliable site like This is especially true if you want to stay away for a long period or if you want to go to another country.

Besides taking a backup pair of eyeglasses with you, you can make copies of your prescriptions in case of an emergency. Remember the numbers on these prescriptions are known throughout the world, so you can order new contact lenses anywhere. 

Besides remembering to take a backup pair of eyeglasses and contact lens solution, it’s also a good idea to take some spare contacts, leak-proof contact cases, and other eye care products you need. 

Travel security rules

When you decide to fly, there are transportation security regulations that can affect any person who wears contact lenses. These regulations tend to allow contacts in checked bags and carry-on, but not contact lens solutions. 

A package of contact lens solution included in the carry-on bag must sometimes have a specific amount of liquid. Also, all of the carry-on liquids have to fit into a clear plastic bag. There is no restriction in the number of liquids that are in your checked bag.

A good move when you want to fly is to pack a travel-size bag of contact lens solution in the carry-on as well as a larger bag in the checked bag. Make sure that you have enough contact lens solutions to last your whole trip.

Switch to disposable contacts

If you are visiting an area with compromised hygiene conditions, then you should opt for daily disposable contact lenses. You can get rid of disposable contacts after use without having to store or clean them.

No matter where you will be traveling, make sure that you wash your hands with water and soap before you touch your contacts or eyes. Also, your hands need to be dry before you touch contact lenses or eyes.

You should also remove and clean your contacts daily, and wash the lens case using a storage solution. Further, you can wear contact lenses only for a specific period and avoid leaving your contacts overnight. 
Above all, don’t use water for the storage of your contact lenses. And, whether you want to swim in the ocean or hotel swimming pool, you must remove your contact lenses before you enter the water.