Tips to Help You to Make Better Coffee at Home

Tips for making better coffee your own coffee at home is pretty simple with CoffeeShan . All that’s required is to add a specific measure of grounds into the coffee machine, add some water, flip a switch and wait a few minutes, then presto, you’ve got yourself a nice pot of java. The fancier coffees like cappuccinos and mochas can be more complicated to make, but if you’re find with regular coffee and just want to fancy it up a little bit, there are a few things you can do to improve that so-called “plain” cup of coffee.

Your first order of business is to choose the right kind of coffee grounds. They have plenty of varieties of grounds at your local store, but these tend to have been sitting on the shelves for a while so this isn’t the place to get the freshest coffee. Instead, go to your local specialty coffee shop. These stores get the fresh batches of coffee beans before larger grocery stores do. Notice I say “beans” here and not “grounds”. You will be grinding the beans yourself in order to have as fresh as possible. It can be a little bit more costly, but you’ll notice the difference in taste when you make a pot with fresher grounds.

Since you’re going to be grinding the beans yourself, you will obviously need a coffee grinder. Keep your beans in an air-tight jar prior to grinding so you can retain the freshness. It’s best to grind the beans immediately before brewing your coffee for the absolute freshest java, but we live in a busy world, so when you do grind ahead of time, be sure to make your coffee within a week so the grounds don’t sit forever and lose freshness.

So basically, fresher coffee means buying fresh coffee beans, grinding them yourself, and not letting the grounds sit too long before you brew your coffee. Simple, but you’ll definitely notice the difference in flavor!