Tips to Help Build Muscle

Building muscle can help anyone look and feel better. If you are looking for fabulous ways to increase your muscle tone, there are lots of things you can do easily. That includes a good diet, taking protein and the right workout plan.

A Great Diet Plan

One of the most important ways to build muscle is to find the right diet plan. According to Legion Athletics, “when you know how to diet properly . . . getting lean becomes simple, convenient, and dare I say… enjoyable.” A good diet should be easy to follow and offer lots of delicious options. With that in mind, you’ll want to construct a diet based on your own needs. Figure out your caloric intake for your body type. Men need more calories. Women who are nursing or engaged in sports also need more food. Look for lean protein, low fat dairy and lots of vegetables. Reduce your consumption of sugar and alcohol.

Using Protein

Protein is what helps you build muscle in the long term. You’ll want to increase your consumption of protein each day with each meal. The use of products like whey isolate protein powder can help. That’s an excellent choice if you are pressed for time. Certain foods have lots of protein naturally. You’ll want to incorporate them at every meal. For example, opt for eggs and a glass of milk at breakfast. Go for the almonds for a snack. A lentil salad is the ideal thing for a fast and easy lunch. For dinner, bring on the protein with lean beef topped with peanuts and a side helping of roasted brussels sprouts.

Working Out

Working out is another way to build muscle. A series of good workouts can help you reduce fat. Workouts focused on building muscles typically have certain things in common. These workouts are all about working specific muscles as well as the heart. You’ll want to make weight lifting the focus of your efforts. Look for varied types of weights. It’s a good idea to start with smaller weights such as five pounds in each hand. Then you can add in larger weights. Effective workouts allow you to work all areas of your body including the upper body and thighs. Aim for at least four workouts each week.

Drink Enough Water

Water flushes away wastes and helps you avoid bloat. Cold water keeps you cool during the hot months. In the winter, hot drinks with plenty of water like tea are a good way to vary your fluid intake. Green tea has been shown to be particularly beneficial. Try to drink at least once an hour. Having a water bottle in each reach can encourage you to stick to your water drinking goals. Bottled water is another option that can help you vary it. Keep water bottles in the refrigerator to keep them ice cold.

Increasing your muscle strength makes you feel more confident. Doing so also helps vastly decrease your risk of dangerous conditions like heart attack and stroke.


Ellen Hollington

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