Tips to get the best clothes for your baby

Whether you wish to buy clothes for your ‘to be born baby’ or ‘newly born baby’, you will naturally be excited to find the best clothes possible for the new entrant to your family. Your baby is the most precious gift you will ever receive on this earth and you will want to gift your baby the best clothes you can. The first wardrobe of the baby’s life must be something extraordinarily wonderful and here are the tips to find the best clothing for your baby.

What to focus on
The first thing that will come to your mind while choosing your baby dress is funky, bright and trendy clothing. You might want the clothes to be expensive too to be able to complement the cuteness of your baby. Remember that sometimes, the dress you might choose might not suit the tender skin of your little and one and might cause rashes and irritations. The best advice is to find clothes that are made from organic fabrics like soy-based fabrics, organic cotton and similar other options. Fabrics derived from natural resources can work smoothly on your baby’s skin. Also avoid bright colors because they can contain fluorescent agents. Nylon and polyester are bad choices when it comes to cute newborn baby girl clothes since they do not have the ability to absorb moisture and regulate the baby’s body temperature.

Safety is an important thing to care about
Many parents overlook the aspect of safety in the baby dress they buy. Remember, year on year, millions of dresses are recalled since they fail to meet the safety standards. Never go for those baby clothes that have decorations like bows, flowers, buttons and hooks since they carry choking hazards. Clothes with waistbands and drawstrings can pose strangulation hazards. While choosing sleepwear, go for flame-resistant fabrics.

Size is not only about the fitting
Make sure that the clothes you buy fits the baby right. The right size is not the one that fits well, but also the one that facilitates a comfortable movement. Also, consider that babies grow at a fast rate and the clothes you buy must accommodate their growth. Always go for a little bigger size to compensate for the spurts in growth. The clothes you buy must also be easy to put on and take off requiring the least efforts to change. Hence, fanciness must not be the criteria of selection and practicality must be given enough weightage. Snaps and zippers can be a value addition to baby clothing since they make it easy to put on and remove.

What to think about functionality
Functionality is an important aspect concerning baby clothing. New born babies spend most of their day sleeping. Hence it is important to choose something that is comfortable. Gown, baby footies, sleep sack and onesies, and kimono bodysuit are some good options. Also, choose the styles that are easy to put on and take off. Drop the idea of investing unnecessarily in fanciful dress like party wear that your baby might never wear for once. By the time you might find a use for such a dress, the baby could have outgrown the size you bought.

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