Tips To Find Trending Wholesale Products

The wholesale market is pretty saturated. To thrive in this cut-throat competition, you need to keep yourself updated with the new market trends and customers’ requirements. The most in-demand product should be on your front display.

But the trouble is, the market trends and hot products are changing constantly. By the time you stock an in-demand product, its fad may go down.

So how to cope up with the changing trends? How to Identify the hot products and keep them on your front shelves?

Worry not! We are here with the solution to your problem. In this feature, we will shed light on some tips that can help you find the trending products in the wholesale market at the right time.

First, we need to understand the standard characteristics of the star products and how to identify them.

What are Hot Products?

Some common features of the winning products are,

  • These products usually offer a better shot at profit rates in a business model.
  • Hot products are attention-grabbing and have a wow-factor that stimulates the buying decision.
  • The products provide a solution to a constant issue like apparel products, health products.
  • These goods are high in demand and hardly available.
  • The products that have a better convenience factor are more likely to become a winning product.

Moving forward, let’s explore the practical ways of finding trending products in the wholesale market.

Make the Most of Social Platforms

Facebook Search

Facebook search is a simple way to find which items and trends are in effect. 

The process involves searching keywords that usually appear on the wholesale ad campaigns. Some of the common keywords are; today’s deal, shop now, 50% off, shop here, order now, get it now, and so on.

Loads of different products will appear in the search results. Look for the ads that have 300k or more views. Filter the search results by recent date, check the related ads and the engagement on posts, this will help you get the recently winning product ideas. 

  • Facebook Algorithm

Facebook algorithm is designed in a way that it shows the posts and advertisements according to users’ engagement and interest. Make use of this algorithm for your benefit, tailor your Facebook feed so that you are shown more wholesale advertisements.

To do so, engage more with the wholesale advertisements by clicking on the ads, responding to call-to-action buttons, and saving the ads. In this way, the Facebook algorithm will align more wholesalers in your news feed.

Find hot products by focusing on the ads that get the most views and public engagement.

  • Google Trends

Exploring google trends is one of the best ways to know the viability of a particular product. Analyze the trends and popularity by using the Google Trends tool. This tool provides an in-depth analysis of the search volume trend over a specific period of time for a particular location. 

  • Other Social Media Platforms also Help

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram can provide you valuable insight into the product trends. Through social media, you can directly get access to the active communities where you can find first-hand feedback on new, trending products.

The hashtag trend is also a great way to know which products are in demand. Just search with a hashtag and you can see how many active users are talking about that specific trend.

Use Wholesale Marketplaces in your Favor

Although facebook provides good information about the trending products it cannot compete with the insights you can get from wholesale marketplaces. Understand that the users that visit a wholesale marketplace have come there with the intent to purchase items in wholesale. hence what can be a better place to find the trending wholesale products than a wholesale marketplace?

Various wholesale marketplaces are operating these days, let’s take the example of a contemporary wholesale marketplace “SeeBiz” here.

Go to the search categories and search for a keyword. Sort the results by orders, as a result the products with high order rates will show up and you can get insight into the trending wholesale products. 

Some marketplaces also enable product analysis feature that displays the selling trends of the products for a specific period of time.

Product Research Tools

All praises to the technological advancements, there are tools that can ease the long business processes. There are a number of product research tools available in the market that can help you identify the trending wholesale products.

These tools usually provide a list of trending products every day on the basis of user research and engagement. employing research tools saves a lot of time and provides you results from Facebook and other platforms. Each product in the trending list is backed with comprehensive data and provides your insight into the product details and consumers’ interest. This method helps you find hot products efficiently.

Time to get ready and sell!

Here you are with some tried and tested methods to find the trending wholesale products. Employ these tactics, mix them with your creative approaches to uncover the best results. Promote the hot products in a unique way to maximize the impact and grow your business, eventually. Mazel Tov!