Tips to Ensure a Profitable Funfair

Funfairs are great events to raise funds for churches, schools, organisations, and neighbourhoods. These fairs attract many people to have a little bit of fun during their free time. It can also be highly profitable, especially if you can market the funfair properly to its target market. If you want to organise such an event, you want to ensure that it will succeed. So, look for partners to offset marketing costs, work with established businesses for sponsorships, and find a reputable funfair hire partner to keep your event running professionally and safely at all times. 

If you’re still in the planning stage of organising such an event, here are some tips to consider.

Find a suitable venue

One of the top priorities is to find a suitable venue to hold your event. You need to find a location that is accessible to your target market. It would be a plus to have a huge parking lot near so your guests wouldn’t have to worry about their vehicles. 

Set goals

You need to set a target amount if you’re conducting the event to raise funds. Make the goal clear to everyone to become motivated to work hard and reach it. Furthermore, you need to keep updating your finances for transparency and legal purposes. 

Secure sponsorships 

One of the best ways to raise funds is to sell sponsorships during the event. You can sell space on several marketing items such as flyers, posters and tarpaulins. You can also have sponsors for your game booths and rides. Set the prices based on the exposure that your fair can provide these sponsors. For instance, you can sell sponsorship levels with increasing incentives. You can reach your goals faster this way.

Create a buzz in the community

If you want to make your funfair as successful as possible, you’ll need to market your event to your target audience. You can reach them through traditional methods such as advertisements, flyers, posters, streamers and word-of-mouth marketing. However, you can also tap radio stations and use social media to drum up interest in the event. Ensure that you provide the correct dates, operating hours, and mention some rides and booths to attract your clientele. 

Create an organised space

You can ask your funfair hire partner to help you layout the space for better exposure and access. You can leverage their years of expertise to help funnel the customers to different booths and rides to create maximum profitability.

Keep it safe

One factor you should never scrimp on is the safety of the funfair. You have to coordinate with safety and security officers to check the rides constantly and keep the grounds secure at all times. You can also create a map to direct customers to the appropriate booth. Finally, you need to ensure that the booth is staffed by seasoned personnel.


Organising a funfair event to raise funds for different organisations and causes can be pretty challenging but highly doable. With the right partners in place, you will have a successful event that will help you reach your goals.