Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card for Your Cafe

You’ve opened your new cafe! You’re excited, you’re feeling confident, and you’re ready to start your business. Your first step is to get some Cafe Business Card made. But what should they say? What do you need on them? How should they look?

These are all great questions, but don’t worry – we have the answers. Here are our tips for creating the perfect business card for your cafe.

Choose the right size

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to create a business card for each individual customer. A traditional business card is 18 x 24 cm. Business cards are quite personal, so why not get an A4 card for those working within your business?

If you sell your products online, consider using a portfolio card which is 8.5 x 11.5 cm and folded in half. This card will cover the customer’s entire face and still fit in their wallet nicely. With smaller cards, the customer can clearly see your logo, as well as a short summary of your business. The portfolio cards can also be picked up in plain.

Some businesses only require a business card when opening a new shop. Others operate solely online.

Include your contact information

People make the number one mistake when they’re doing their first business card because they forget to include their contact information. This is one of the easiest things to do, and you can easily do this by using these simple steps below.

  • Go to your social media pages and link to your website or another website that has contact information on it.
  • Click the “Contacts” tab.
  • Scroll down to “Other Important Information”
  • Add the following information:
  • Name of your cafe
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Business description
  • Line of business
  • Other
  • Have fun!

Once you have your contact information on the card, you should then start thinking about what kind of cards you want to make.

Choose the right font for your cafe

Choose a font that reflects the vibe and tone of your Cafe Business Card and is legible at large sizes. You’ll want to make sure that your business cards look good at a dinner party, for example, not a family function, which is important because it might not be in the frame of the family photo.

Keep the font size to around 11-13. You should still be able to quickly read the words without having to print a magnifying glass.

Pick a font family

Some fonts look more attractive and feel more professional than others, and some are easier to read than others. Find the font that fits the image you’ve created and go with that one.

Pick a color scheme

Now, it’s time to decide what colors you’d like your business card to be. Pick something neutral so that you can add all the rest in a later step.

Choose color that best suits your cafe

The first thing you should think about is color. Cafe Business Card shouldn’t just be plain black or plain white – they should represent your brand. For example, you might want to go with bright yellow, in line with your brand and logo.

You’ll need business cards to share information, but they also need to be eye-catching and bold, so keep this in mind when picking a color.

How big should business cards be?

When it comes to business cards, it really depends on what your goal is. Are you hoping to gain new customers? Are you hoping to reach out to a specific demographic?

On one hand, smaller cards are easier to carry around and to grab, so they’re great if you want to reach out to a specific demographic.

Add a tagline or slogan to your card 

The best type of business card to make for your cafe is a standard business card. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and most importantly, it’s free. You can get some free samples from any of the official card printers online, or you can buy a pack of 40 cards for under $15 on our deal page.

Other business cards work fine too, but a standard business card is a great place to start – it’s also really quick and easy. If you’re serious about selling your cafe, it’s a great starting point for your marketing.

Add a professional photographer to your card

If you don’t already have a photograph that you like, you can go to a stock photo site like Unsplash to get one. Or you could work with a professional photographer who can take a photograph of you at work in your cafe.

Design the look of your card

The very first thing you should think about is what you’re going to be displaying your cards on, whether that’s a notice board or the café wall. You want to make sure they’re eye-catching and stand out. It may not be about how flashy your business card looks, but it’s definitely about how much attention it draws.

Consider the colour scheme

One thing that really matters is the colour. You’re designing your card for your own use, so you want to ensure it’s easy to read, and you can easily be reminded of the purpose of your business, your cafe, and what it stands for. For example, if your cafe supports a particular charity, your card could have a particular shade of color, or it could even feature a logo or a brief message.

Add graphics

Logos can help to grab your customers attention, and if you’ve come up with a great logo, include it on your business cards. If you haven’t, find a logo website and do some searching. It doesn’t need to be fancy; it just needs to catch the eye.

Include a personal quote

If you don’t have a logo, or you can’t afford one, include a quote on your cards. You can use yours to show your personality and to give your customers a feel for the type of business you’re running.

Add your phone number

Even if you’re doing something extra special for your customers by creating a unique card for them, put your phone number on it. It will be so much easier to contact you should you need something, and it will help to build trust in your business.

Consider simplicity, too

A business card’s design shouldn’t include any unnecessary information or details – you want your business card to stand out in the crowd, and it shouldn’t come across as a big list of information.

You don’t want to have people do all of their research online before they even have a chance to think about buying a product, do you? In that regard, simple designs are best – only the information you want them to know will be there, and you don’t want anyone else to get in the way.

Spruce them up

Next, make your cards look a little better than they do in this video. Take a look at some examples of beautiful designs to get some inspiration. Have a look at this greeting card collection or this business card design collection.

Other things to include on your card

But, how do you get your cafe’s name and address on a business card? One of the best ways is to have your cafe name on the front and the address on the back. But, you’re going to want to keep a couple of things in mind to keep it professional.

You can only use one of each font. You want to have a professional and professional-looking card, so don’t add any typeface combinations that would make your customers think you’re trying too hard. No additional words can be used. We’ve seen companies that have two-word names on business cards, and their “Business Name” part is filled with a two-syllable comment. Please, don’t do this!

– You can only use one of each font.

Include social media links 

Make sure you put social media links on your cards. This can be an easy way to promote new recipes and new services. They could also be useful for a customer to find you on your social channels.

Use words with style

Be sure to have your business card in black, white, or grey if you want people to read it from a distance. Avoid flashy colors that might not be immediately clear.

Choose the right font.

It’s important to choose the right font and size for the Cafe Business Card. Do you want the card to be larger or smaller than the size of the card? Are you looking for extra-long cards? Then choose a long and thin style for your card.

Offer specials on certain days of the week 

You’re a cafe in New York City, so of course you can offer a few specials. Most cafes offer these on a daily basis – the question is which days. How do you decide?

Choose a general time of day to have your specials, based on peak traffic times in your area. For example, early mornings are probably your best option if you have a coffee shop in Manhattan. For more info on when to serve specials, check out this article.

Now, let’s say you want to have a 3 pm vegan crepe special. If your coffee shop is open during the day, you should be fine. But what if you’re in the Hamptons? In that case, I’d say it’s probably best to hold off for 3 pm on Friday. Friday afternoon can be the busiest time of day for tourists, so I’d suggest not posting your specials too early.

Put pictures on the back of your cards

We know it can be hard to get people’s attention if they’re staring at your beautiful front of the business card, but remember – this is your chance to stand out! It’s important that your business card looks stylish and doesn’t have a boring boring background.

So, having some pictures on the back of your card is a great way to do that! However, if you’re not a pro photo blogger, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Below are some of the best business card back options.

Great option: If you like to have one main picture on the front of the card, you can get yourself a collage of images from Aladdin Print.