Tips To Choose The Right Artificial Lawn For Your Property

Having a big lawn in the front yard or backyard of your property is a symbol of status. Lawns not only increase the property’s resale value but also increases its aesthetic appearance. However, two types of lawns commonly exist: natural lawns and synthetic lawns. The natural lawn has real grass and roots and consumes water. On the other hand, the artificial lawn has no roots and doesn’t consume water; it only looks green. 

Artificial lawn is a common choice among many homeowners because it doesn’t create any mess and is very low maintenance. In addition, Artificial lawn Adelaide won’t grow weeds or parasites, so it’s worth the investment as it also has a long life expectancy. But you must be confused about how to choose the best artificial lawn for your property. Here are some tips which can help you, so continue reading. 

How Much Lawn Will Be Used?

Consider where the lawn will be laid on your property and how many people will be using it on a daily basis. By understanding the usage and traffic of your artificial lawn, you can make the right decision. If too many people or animals are walking or running over it, consider getting a more durable and long-lasting option. 

Who Will Exactly Use The Lawn?

Nowadays, synthetic lawns have several options, making it easier for people to go for better options. For instance, if you or someone in your home has allergies, you can get hypoallergenic synthetic grass. This grass helps in keeping the allergens and pollens away. In addition, pet-friendly options are also available, designed to suit their needs and lifestyle.  

Get The Correct Height

When it comes to the pile of synthetic grass, it’s basically about how tall or high the blades are. The blades can be as short as 10mm or as long as 50mm, or anything between them. During the installation of artificial lawns from The Turf Farm, people think that a longer pile is better as it looks beautiful and feels soft, but over time it falls flat. 

Choose The Right Thickness

The thickness of artificial lawns varies; the turf that is heavier and thicker is more sturdy than the sparse and light turf. So if your artificial lawn is laid on solid surfaces and gets used a lot, go for a thicker and heavier option. But if it is laid on indoors or on a deck, go for a softer one. 

Choose The Right Color

Synthetic grass also comes in different colors, including red and blue. However, the most common color of artificial lawns is green because it mimics the look of natural grass. Real grass doesn’t have one solid color but a combination of brown and green variations. So if you choose the color of your artificial lawn, go for the one with natural shades. 

Bottom Line

Artificial lawns are an excellent addition to your property. It can make your space look beautiful and cheerful. So, install the best lawn from The Turf Farm to enhance your property’s appearance and increase its resale value.