Tips To Choose The Best Eyeshadow Highlighter For Your Skin Tone

All the eyeshadow highlighters available in the market are not just rare but add up a lot to your makeup when you apply them as per your skin tone. When you ask a woman about her views on eyeshadow highlighters, she would simply say, ‘that is too much makeup.’ And this would be due to the fact that most of the women have no idea what color of eyeshadows and highlighters should be used as per their skin tones. If anyone of them knows how to wear an eyeshadow highlighter, they won’t find it difficult to carry.

When it comes to wearing eyeshadows, there are two things that one should remember. First being the way of choosing the right color of eyeshadow that matches your outfit as well as skin tone and second being the art of applying an eyeshadow. In order to know and understand about the best highlighter for mature skin tones, one does not need to excel at the game of using eyeshadow palettes but simply know how the color scheme works. And in this article we will help you understand the same, so without delaying it much lets get started with the tips that will lead you to the best highlighters.

Know About The Skin Undertones

Depending on your skin complexion, whether it is light, medium, dark you need to understand what is the undertone of your skin. If your skin has yellow, ashen or pink or hues it is necessary. These are the tones that will help you know if your skin seems blue, pink, yellow or golden. When the skin tends to appear blue and pink, you are said to have a cool undertone. Whereas if the skin looks yellow, peach or golden then you are definitely having a warm skin tone. There also exist people who have no undertones in the skin, neither warm nor cool and are said to have neutral undertones.

Picking an eyeshadow highlighter has a lot to do with the undertones. Warm skin tones can go for warm colored palettes in order to accentuate the real tone of their face. These palettes include colors like golds, reds and oranges. Whereas cool skin tones should go for color palettes that have blues, greens, purples etc. And all those who have a neutral skin tone, they can experiment with the exclusive privilege of applying any color upon their eyes. If not any, just know your skin color because that is what can determine the best palette for you.

Eyeshadows Colors for Your Skin Tone

Makeup has no set of rules. If you are fond of a certain shade you can simply apply it over your eyes without thinking if it matches your outfit or your skin tone. Having said that, every skin complexion has a particular list of colors that can make the tone come alive.

  • If you have a light skin tone, go for colors like copper and bronze. Dull bronze and washed out copper can bring on the best of fair skin tones.
  • If you have a medium skin tone, gold and rust are the colors for you. Cinnamon, warm red and gold look amazing on wheatish skin.
  • Women with olive skin tone can go for jewel tones in a cool palette. For example, teal color accentuates the best of such ashen undertones without overdoing it.
  • Talking about the dark brown skin colors, every eyeshadow highlighter can look flattering. As the undertone is neutral, wam and cool both hit the same.
  • Eye highlighter for dark skin needs cool tones. You can use purples, teals, midnight blues etc. Many experts also recommend rose gold and coral for dark skin. Therefore shop accordingly!