Tips to Choose Driving Classes in Melbourne

Are you a resident of Melbourne? If yes, then you might be keen on learning to drive on the busy roads of Melbourne. Right? However, finding suitable driving classes is more challenging than it seems. 

Choosing a driving class in Melbourne is like choosing the right book from a vast collection of books, which involves many things such as research, checking reviews, pricing, etc. 

Now, don’t get scared after learning the complexity of choosing the driving class because here, we’ll give you some valuable tips to help you choose the driving class.

Tips to Choose Driving Classes

  • Research

Research is essential when starting your journey to become a skilled driver. Before joining any driving class, thoroughly investigate your options. Proper research helps determine if the classes will improve your driving skills. Avoid impulsive decisions and take the time to choose a suitable driving class for a more effective learning experience.

  • Check Reviews and Recommendations

Before enrolling in driving classes, review online feedback and compare reviews from various websites. Consider past client experiences and seek recommendations from peers, relatives, and friends. This step ensures the quality of the driving classes you are considering.

  • Check the Experience

Before signing up for driving lessons, ensure your instructor has lots of experience. Experienced instructors are good at helping you get better at driving.

  • Check the credentials

When selecting a driving school, ensure local or national authorities accredit it. Checking accreditation ensures the school meets specific curriculum, facilities, and instructor qualifications standards. This information is crucial in making an informed decision about which driving school to choose.

  • Pricing

Before joining any driving school, check the pricing and ensure the classes are pocket-friendly. Also, you can compare the pricing policies of different driving schools.

  • Know about timings

When you sign up for driving classes, ensure the schedule works for you. Check if the timing is suitable for your plans. Spending time on important things is better than figuring out class schedules.

  • Check the location

Before heading to a driving lesson, check if the class location is convenient. Choose a location in Melbourne or nearby to avoid long travel for your classes. Make sure the class spot suits your needs.

  • Check Availability for International Students

If you are settled in Melbourne and want to learn driving, you can check with institutes that teach driving to international students. Before joining any driving lesson, you should check the availability of classes for international students.

  • Know about Driving Test

At the time of enrollment, you should know about the pattern of driving tests taken by schools. Choose the classes that book a test package, including pick up and drop off. 

  • Check different features

When you start your classes, see what the driving school offers extra things. Some schools have one-on-one sessions or group packages for three people, and both have features to offer. If you prefer learning alone, go for solo lessons, and if you like group sessions, choose accordingly. Check the features that match your learning style.


Choosing suitable driving classes in Melbourne is crucial to becoming a confident and skilled driver. To ensure a positive learning experience, conducting thorough research, considering various factors, and making an informed decision is essential.