Tips to Choose A Law Firm in Dubai

At some stage of life, almost everyone needs a lawyer, whether on an individual or company basis. Whether you need legal counsel on behalf of your company or for your personal case, it is important to conduct your due diligence to get in touch with the right legal representative.

Finding one of the best Online Lawyers in Dubai is not an easy task. You need to check out your unique needs and match those to a law firm that holds enough experience to service these needs. Here are some important factors to consider while choosing a law firm:

Advocates and legal consultants

While it is possible to appoint a law firm to seek legal advice, it is essential to know that – in case you want to litigate in the courts, the first name of the law firm must contain the wording Advocates and Legal Consultants, not just Legal Consultants.

Represent before the courts of appeal

The next thing to consider is that representation before the higher courts, including the court of cassation, need the local lawyer to have a specific number of years of experience. Hence, at the time of appointment of a law firm, you should inquire about the number of years of experience of the local advocate.

Required documentation

According to the local regulations, all documents that are required to be submitted to the court must be translated into Arabic. Hence, it is essential to deal with a law firm that has qualified Arabic speaking legal consultants as well as local advocates. This can avoid any misinterpretation or translation error at the time of submission of relevant documents.

Search and select

It is highly important to search the profile of the law firm and the lawyer prior to referring your matter or case to them. After searching, once you shortlist the potential law firm or lawyer, you must follow their advice during the proceedings. Seeking several legal opinions from different law firms and lawyers may cause confusion and bring unwanted complications.

Fixed fee vs hourly rate

Most of the law firms have a fixed fee and hourly rates depending on the types of tasks. If it is an hourly rate, you are suggested to agree on a maximum cap to engage a commercial law firm. Not having such an agreement can bring unnecessary costs and expenses.

Consider all these factors to find the right law firm for your case and receive the best possible legal service and assistance.