Tips on Selecting the Right Blinds

Controlling the amount of light and privacy, while maintaining style in our house is important.

Blinds can allow more control and a sleeker look.

If you want to keep the sun and its harmful rays out, sunscreen blinds can be the answer.

For more privacy and control of light, add blockout blinds.

Best Blinds in the Day

If you aim to filter light and harmful sun rays, yet still allow light in, there are several shades and colours of sunscreen blinds.

They are specially designed to give you control of your light and privacy during the day.

Colour plays an important role in how your blinds perform.

A lighter colour will allow light in while reflecting UV rays and heat away. If the sun is shining brightly outside, you may have issues seeing out, though.

Darker colours will absorb light and heat, allowing you to see out the window better.

A sunscreen blind will block about 95% of the harmful UV rays and reduce heat in the summer.

When installed behind blockout blinds, they become part of a total light, UV ray, heat, and privacy control set.

In the winter, it will help keep heat in and save money on your heating and cooling costs.

sunscreen blinds

Best for the Night

For control of privacy at night, as well as total light blockage during the day, try blockout blinds.

They can provide 100% UV protection, depending on the fabric.

A dark blockout blind can be a great solution for a person who sleeps in the day and needs a dark space.

Thermal blockout blinds are the most effective. They have a special layer of insulation to block light and heat — making them perfect for winter.

How to find the right blinds

Always measure your window in millimetres (mm) before looking for blinds.

If you want a sleek look with better blockage, measure inside the frame.

For the width, you will need to measure the top, middle and bottom of the window — then record the narrowest measurement. For the length, measure from the top of the window to the top of the sill. Measure along the left, right, and middle of the window, then record the smallest measure.

Take around 6 mm off each side to keep the blinds from rubbing the trim or to keep it off the sill.

You can also hang blinds on the outside of the window. Measure the area you want the blinds to cover on the window. Adding a 50 mm overhang is typical.

After you have measurements, you can then figure out the style and colour you want.

If you like control over your privacy and the amount of light in your home, finding the right blinds will be valuable to you.

Blockout blinds will be perfect to keep all light out if you sleep in the day or give you total privacy at night.

To filter out the light from the sun and its harmful rays, try sunscreen blinds.

For the perfect control, combine them.