Tips on investing gold – this is what you need to know!

The list of tips for investing in gold is long in many supposed specialist portals around the subject of “speculating and investing with precious metals”. So long that some readers quickly lose track. It is therefore important to separate important advice from less important or even unnecessary advice. In many cases, the indispensable evidence that there is not just one approach to investing available capital in gold is neglected. The best known variant is of course gold bars. However, serious tips on investing in gold already show that it does not always require higher deposits to buy several hundred grams of investing gold or even kilos.

Bars are also traded in small sizes

Because bars are available from many suppliers from about 1.0 grams. It is important to understand that gold bars from the lower weight classes are traded at fairly high premiums on the current gold price. This means that prices have to rise significantly so that investors actually realize a profit after selling and deducting all fees. The trade in coins must also be discussed in tips on investing gold. Providers often highlight astonishing profit potential, which, however, usually cannot withstand an objective analysis.

On the one hand, because of the mostly not necessarily inexpensive sales prices, which arise especially for supposedly highly profitable special series. On the other hand, gold coins are often no more than the material from which they were made. In this environment, investors usually only receive the material value instead of the enormous profits.

Stocks and other exchange products can be risky

Certificates and shares in the context of the precious metal also belong thematically in tips on investing in gold. They may be suitable for private investors in terms of the cost of the purchase, but the risks should not be underestimated. While physical gold will never be completely worthless due to its limited availability, stocks and certificates always carry the risk of total loss. In this way, issuers and mine operators can steer bankruptcy, so that the products they buy can be worthless in the end. Gold is still recommended as a physical asset as part of the custody account in order to spread risk.

Build wealth with appropriate savings plan models

However, this can also be achieved through savings plans in which investors pay an amount x monthly (for reputable providers with optional suspension of savings rates). If a certain credit is reached, the provider buys new gold. In this case, favorable prices result from the fact that purchases are made for a larger number of investors, which reduces the premiums. The bottom line of the tips for gold investments is primarily the question of how much money should be invested. Because savers must ultimately be able to afford every investment and buy gold bars.

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