Tips On How To Move With Pets

Moving can be stressful for many people. You can’t imagine how anxious it can make your pets too. When pets are introduced to a new environment or unexpected activity, they can easily get stressed out.  It’s not an easy task to move with pets. Ensuring that they’re comfortable before and during the move will help guarantee your move goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some practical tips by which you both can relax and enjoy your move.

1.    Talk To Your Vet

Contact your vet and ask if there’s any special consideration for moving with your pets. Some pets are very sensitive to unexpected activity and travel, such as guinea pigs and birds. Your vet may suggest a sedative for a long move. Contact your vet about possible risks especially if you’re traveling by plane.

2.     Get Them Used To The Carrier Before Moving

Start getting your pets used to the carrier in advance of the move if you are going to use a carrier to move your pets. Many pets hate their carrier because it only comes out during unexpected stressful occasions, like vet visits. Place the carrier in your garden with the door open so that pets can go in and out as they want. To make your pets feel safe inside the carrier, place a dirty T-shirt inside it. When pets go inside, pick the carrier up and go for a short drive – Self Storage Worcester can provide you cages for your move that can make your pets feel comfortable. As your pets adapt to the carrier, they will feel comfortable and safe in it. Making your pets used to the carrier before the move will make your move with pets easier.

3.    Move Your Pets When You Move

You might be tempting to take your pets with you on the first move to the new place, so they can settle before the furniture and boxes begin coming in – this is not in your pet’s favor if you look at this from your pet’s perspective.  They’re probably going to be scared in a new place and having your new house empty without their human will make them even more terrifying. You should take your pets with you when you’re prepared to make the last move with all of your belongings from the old place.

4.    Arrange An Overnight Kit

Arrange an easily accessible “Overnight Kit” that has sufficient kitty litter, toys, food, and grooming gadgets to cheer up your pets. Do your best to keep your pets comfortable and happy during the first few days of unpacking. Self Storage Birmingham can provide you an overnight kit for your move.

5.    Ride Them With You

If you’re moving to a new place and using your own vehicle, take your pets with you on a ride. By taking them with you will give them comfort that you’re moving to a new place with them. Consolidate them that they are not being neglected. Play their favorite games with them, also talk to your pets, and comfort them on the ride.


Don’t move the pets until you move the complete house. Set up a place for them before introducing your new home to the pets. Limit them to a specific place while they slowly adjust themselves to the new environment. When you move with pets to a new home, present them familiar objects like blankets or toys asap and give your pets a lot of attention. Make them feel comfortable at the new place.

7.    Update Their Info Tags

When you have moved to the new house with your pets, make sure to update their neck tags information to the news address and phone number. Your pets can forget the way to home as they are not completely familiar with the surrounding. With their updated tags info, they can return back to home safely.

8.    Try To Keep Your Pets Routine

When you’ve moved to the new house with your pets, try to keep their routine. Sticking to their daily routine will help them feel comfortable in a new environment.

9.    Give Them Time To Adjust

Only a few pets adjust themselves quickly to a new place while others take more time to adjust and get familiar with the surrounding. Give your pets time to adjust themselves completely. Let your pets explore the house. Let them hide if they want to. Your pets will be comfortable soon if you let them set the pace.