Tips on Hiring Talented Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak hit the business world pretty hard. A few companies had to lay off several employees while others struggle to keep up with the increasing workload. With working from home becoming the new normal, hiring new employees is also done remotely.

Coronavirus has become a hindrance to our daily lives and habits, but it cannot put a stop to our lives altogether. Since companies are finding alternatives to manage their workforce, here is how you can hire talented employees in this pandemic.

  • Prioritize Hiring Needs

The first thing you should do is define and prioritize your hiring needs based on necessity and function. Assess your business needs to start selection for roles that require immediate action. Next, determine if the work can be done remotely before beginning the recruitment process. Also, ensure if the potential employees have access to a functional at-home work arrangement, i.e., proper internet connection, a laptop, etc. If not, you’ll have to arrange it.

  • Schedule Video Interviews

Staying connected through mobile screens is the ‘’new normal’’ these days. So, why should it be any different for employers? Although employers consider a face-to-face interaction more effective, it’s not practical in a pandemic.

Just like meetings are in a video conference setting, schedule interviews in the same manner. Video interviews are more candid compared to the typical setup of a conference room. This relaxed and free-flowing interview process benefits both employers and candidates.

  • Modify Existing Hiring Process

Times are crazy, and every little action has been affected because of it. We’ve changed the way we eat, shop, work, go out and meet people because of the pandemic and our safety. Thus, relying on your existing hiring process isn’t a wise thing to do.

Modify your hiring process to make it brief yet constructive. If work is piling on and you need to fill a position stat, ditch your lengthy hiring process. If you think the candidate is perfect in the first interview itself, don’t hesitate to hire him/her right then.

  • Develop Virtual Onboarding Strategies

Companies are getting comfortable with their digital dependence for smooth business functioning. Thus, you may also have to develop virtual onboarding strategies. Evaluate the resources that a new hire requires and check up on the employee during their first few weeks. A smart virtual onboarding strategy also allows you to retain employees while deriving productive results.

  • Use The Right HR Technology

If your company doesn’t have the latest HR technologies, now is the time to invest in one. Pre-pandemic companies may not have required some of these technologies. But with everything going on, companies must learn to adapt to constant change. The right HR technology helps in recruitment, team collaborations, communications, productivity tracking, and more.

The best part about HR technologies and tools is that you have several options to choose from according to company needs and budget. If you are looking for a low-cost yet thorough people management tool, the website could be your saving grace.

  • Provide Constant Support

After hiring new employees in your team, now is the time to implement the essential step. The world is facing unusual times, which affected each one of us differently. Keeping the same in mind, companies should foster a feeling of togetherness in their new and existing employees. Also, make efforts to ensure new employees get constant support. Thus, implement low-cost yet effective strategies to check on employees’ mental health. This method also ensures employee retention. After all, only happy and healthy employees can catapult a company to success.

It may take time for things to get normal. Thus, the sooner companies adapt to changes, the faster they will thrive. We hope the above tips will help you in your hiring process in the pandemic era. However bizarre it may seem, this is the new normal, and the work must go on.