Tips on Fix iPhone Frozen

iPhone Frozen is a real hassle. They won’t turn on and you have no idea how to fix them? Just like the many other users who’ve had this problem before, we suffer from frozen phones too. But don’t worry, there’s hope for your situation yet. The causes behind these pesky hardware errors vary depending upon what model iPhone device is Being accessed by its owner at any given time. 

To fix the issue, the first thing is to know the root of the problem. First, you need to check if it is a hardware issue or software that is causing trouble and freezing your iPhone. If you want how to fix a frozen iPhone, So here are tested solutions that can solve issues of iPhone frozen.

What might cause the iPhone frozen problem?

Some causes can be reasonably similar to other android phones. A few common reasons that can be solved by simple hacks are:

Storage Issues

Most of the time, the iPhone screen frozen issue happens due to less space available on the device to help me function properly.

Abundant Apps

Many times, the users start working on a vast number of apps. Too many apps can decrease the processing speed of mobile and thus resulting in an iPhone being frozen.

Apps or Websites

Some apps are not trustable and may cause damage to your mobile if you install them or start working with them. Thus they may cause iPhone to freeze.

Expired Softwares

Some apps and software have a time limit and if they are not installed again or updated within that timeline, the mobile starts working automatically on it, or in another case the software causes the iPhone screen to freeze.

Issues in Updatings

Sometimes, updates of software may ruin and go wrong or get stopped before accomplishing. Both conditions may cause iPhone to freeze.

Other than some of these mentioned issues, some hardware problems can also cause the iPhone screen frozen but here are some easy steps toward unfreezing your iPhone screen.

Steps to fix iPhone frozen

The first thing that needs to check whenever you are troubled by an iPhone frozen is some recent app that you installed or updated. The problem may be due to some defect in the application. To point out and solve such app, the following suggestions may be helpful:

Shut down the application

Press the home button twice and cards of apps will be shown on your mobile is still a little bit of responsibility. Close the problematic app simply by swiping it upward or you can simply press the close all apps option.

Updating the specific app

If you find any app causing trouble to your device and resulting in iPhone being frozen, just simply update it from the app store. Choose the Update option in-app store and go for updating the app that is troubling your device.

Uninstallation of App

Even after the update, if you find the device still being disturbed by that app, just simply go and uninstall it from your device to fix iPhone screen frozen issues and the device will function at its normal pace.

Clean up iPhone to fix iPhone keeps freezing

Keeping your iPhone clean is the best way to prevent system failures and keep internal storage free from trouble. A good practice that needs regular attention is cleaning up all dirty files or harmful apps which get accumulated on our phones over time. Daily usage, Cache area/app license, etc. It will help you avoid problems with applications crashing or not running properly as well as fix any errors occurring while installing new apps through the iTunes store!.

Close the Background Apps All on the Frozen iPhone

If you don’t shut off the complete flow of apps in accordance with your iPhone, shutting down all those apps on your device may fix the problem with the frozen screen. If just swiping down or double-clicking the home button finishes not too long ago used programs on your iPhone, apply to those operations on the webpage below, then try shutting off the apps.

Fix iPhone frozen with Dr.Fone – System Repair

If all the above common suggestions don’t work and cannot fix iPhone frozen, then you need to use Dr.Fone – System Repair. By using Dr. Fone, you are in a safe zone as it neither cause damage to your device nor does any data loss occur. It guarantees the recovery of your device as it can resolve the issues related to the virus as well as can recover the long time dark screen occurred due to iPhone being frozen. Just all you need to know are some simple quick steps and follow them to get rid of this iPhone frozen.

Brief steps are as follows:

Step 1:  The first step is the installation of Dr. Fone – System Repair on your device that can be a PC. Once installation is complete, open the application and choose the System Repair option.

Step 2: Allow the connection of your device with iPhone and from popped option, select Standard Mode to continue.

Step 3: The application itself will start excluding the information of your iPhone, it is model and version, etc even before you allow it to Start.

Step 4: The application will download the Firmware update suitable for your device to fix iPhone frozen.

Stay connected to the internet and don’t disconnect your phone from the device until the download is complete. After completion of the download, you will get a notification. Choose the Fix Now button. The application will fix iPhone screen frozen issues.

Closing Words

Some simple tricks are easy to use if your iPhone frozen is simply because of overload or some app malfunctioning but Dr. Fone is a perfect solution for iPhone frozen as it causes zero damage to device data. It can fix iPhone screen frozen issues within no time and users are so satisfied to use such a commanding software that is helpful for all screen dead problems. If you are also troubled due to iPhone frozen, just quickly go and download Dr. Fone System Repair and enjoy a smooth journey with your mobile just by no screen frozen issues.