Tips on filling the Green Card Lottery Application Form

Getting ready to apply for the DV Program may seem overwhelming for the first-timers. There’s plenty of tiny nuances that you should keep in mind, which is not an easy thing to do sometimes.

Use the post below as a guide to filling your registration form correctly. 

Most Important Things to Know about Diversity Visa Application Form

If you feel like you are ready to fill in your registration form without preparation, we appload the bravery, although we suggest rethinking that. 

The application form isn’t complicated on its own, but it’s full of small details that are extremely important to know if you want to complete it properly. 

Follow these tips to fill your application without a single mistake:

  1. Be honest! The government authorities appreciate clear and fair communication. If you win to go through the interview process, you should bring all supporting evidence to back up your answers.
  2. Practice with an online DV Lottery training before you start your registration. You should do that for a number of reasons, the main one being to avoid potential silly mistakes that can cost you your green card. It’s a duplicate of a real 2021 registration form from the official website. 
  3. Confirm the correct spelling of your country of birth/residence with Google. It’s vital to have the updated versions to match the information that the U.S authorities have.
  4. Don’t forget to enter the details about your spouse and family to include them in your application. 
  5. Make sure your country of birth is on the list of eligible countries. You may find it on the official DV Lottery website. In case you are from a non-eligible country, you can claim eligibility based on what country your spouse or parents are from.
  6. You need at least 2 years of experience in the qualifying occupation for it to be valid. Check the list of eligible jobs here or via the official O-NET website to find yours there. 

These might be the main ones to better remember, but there’s a couple bonus tips that can slightly increase your chances of getting the Green Card. 

  • Despite the drawing of winners being completely random, you still can try to get better luck at winning. All family members of the appropriate age (16 years and older) can submit their own separate entries. Use both quality and quantity to “fight” for the win. 
  • You need a valid photo that you got no later than 6 months before your application. A ton of great candidates get rejected simply because their photo is wrong. If you take your photo using an online DV program photo service, it’s going to leave you with a perfect image to use in your registration form. 

“DO NOTs” to Remember Before Applying 

We have gone over what you should do, now let’s move onto what you shouldn’t do to get the perfect application ready:

  • Don’t wear glasses or headscarves in your application photo (hijabs are allowed)
  • Don’t put the information about your spouse in if they already have a residency in the U.S
  • Don’t put “divorced” as your marital status, if the papers aren’t official yet. If you are still going through the process, you should keep the “married” status and notify the embassy about the change during the interview
  • Don’t write anything in the “middle name” box if you don’t have one and if there’s no patronymic to enter

When Can I Register for the Green Card Lottery?

The DV Program 2023 starts on October 6, 2021 and the results will be announced later in May 2022.


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