Tips on Buying Jewelry Online

Retail therapy is a valid self-care expression as long as you are spending within your means. Since pieces of jewelry are a girl’s best friend, many of these precious items generate almost 20% of the revenue of some of the largest e-commerce stores. Buying jewelry online has become a common practice that can allow you to save more since discounts are prevalent through this channel. If you are clueless about purchasing jewels online, here are some things you need to know:

Buying gold

If you browse through online catalogs, the most expensive pieces of gold jewelry you will find are labeled as 24K. These products are 99.9% gold. However, many jewelers do not produce 24K because it is too difficult to mold. As such, almost all of the gold accessories are combined with different metals. One of the most common types that you will encounter for weddings and engagement rings is made with 14K. Rings with this characteristic are made up of 58% gold and 41% alloy, such as silver. Since its color is less saturated, it does not look too yellowish. Rings that have 14K are also more durable than other combinations because it is resistant to scratches.

Buying silver

Silver jewelry also has a couple of classifications that you should have in mind. Just like gold, there is a type of silver that can be sold at 99.9% purity. This type of metal is called fine silver. However, this product will scratch easily, so you will hardly see bracelets and rings featuring 99.9% pure silver. Nonetheless, because they are easy to mold, you will often see necklaces and braces utilizing fine silver.

Another popular kind is called sterling, which makes up 92.5% of silver. The remaining amount is usually nickel or copper. The addition of other metals makes silver harder and more durable. It also alters the look of the silver depending on the metal used. A lot of people buy sterling because it is gleaming and can quickly be polishing when blemished. It can also be remolded if it gets dented.

Another kind of silver jewelry is called a non-tarnish alloy, which is relatively new to the market. It is often characterized as having 7.5% germanium. As its name implies, non-tarnish fusion only gets blemishes when exposed to extreme conditions. To the untrained eye, it would not be easy to differentiate between sterling silver and non-tarnish alloy, so you have to look at the quality stamp.

General tips on buying online

You should only purchase from reputable sellers when purchasing jewelry online. Additionally, before you make any purchases, you should first ask about its hallmark. This certification will verify the purity of the product. Check out the engravings as well and look at its year of marking, purity code, jeweler’s mark, and testing center’s mark. Doing so would also help you confirm the authenticity of your purchase. Finally, make sure that you read its terms and conditions to know if it has a money-back guarantee, return perks, and extended warranty.

Buying jewelry on the web can easily be done with just a few clicks of a button, but it would be helpful to learn how to differentiate between the various options you have. While the overall look is a big factor in choosing a piece of jewelry, knowing a little bit about their characteristics and worth will give you a deeper appreciation of your purchase.