Tips Of Writing Compare And Contrast Essays!

Students are assigned different tasks in their school and colleges sometimes without sharing the tips on how to complete an assignment task properly. One of these tasks is essay writing. Without adequate knowledge, it is tough for students to write essays, as it follows a particular method or style, which may lead to failure.

It might be possible that many students are aware of compare and contrast assignment essays already. Discussing in detail, the purpose of the compare and contrast essay is to analyze the difference and similarities between two distinct subjects. It utilizes the points that make meaningful arguments about the subject.

What is the best method of writing Compare And Contrast Essay Introduction?

The first paragraph of any essay is an introduction that presents the basic information about the subject that should be compared and contrasted. It showcases the thesis statement of the essay and gives direction to the essay. Try not to use the contrasting lines in the first paragraph and just focus on why you must choose these things to compare. Provide an engaging introduction that hooks the reader attention and introduces the general idea of the topic. Here are some of the suggestions given below—

  • State an interesting fact about the topic.
  • Reveal a common misapprehension or false belief about your topic
  • Set the scene of the essay: where, who, when what, why, how?
  • Ask a metaphoric question
  • Share an anecdote that captures your topic

How To Start A Compare And Contrast Paragraph?

  • The paragraph shows details and evidence that supports the arguments and claims. Each section of the paragraph must be arranged in sequential and logical order so that the reader can interconnect the information. 
  • Write a topic sentence to state the comparison or contrast and also to present the overall point of view of the thesis statement. However, the topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph; it establishes the purpose of the topic or paragraph and gives readers an idea of how the content and the arguments matter. 

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  • Develop the paragraph with the specific and illustrate the comparison and contrast and overall explanation. Include detailed information, definitions, supporting arguments to make it clear. In the end, create concluding sentences and connect all the points.

What are some Compare And Contrast Essay Examples Topics for college?

  • You should save money or not
  • Cloud classrooms are good or not
  • Attending seminars Vs Attending classes
  • E-books or textbooks
  • Public vs private college
  • Partying in college Vs Getting a part-time job
  • High school vs college
  • Taking college seriously or not
  • Virtual vs real classrooms
  • Private jobs Vs Government jobs  
  • Higher education vs job experience
  • Full-time employment vs part-time employment
  • Established corporates Vs Startups
  • Spending or saving salaries
  • Masters degree or professional degree

As discussed above, the tips will help to make a good compare and contrast essay. Always do in-depth research before writing; this is an excellent way to get HD grades in academics.   However, if any student faces any trouble while writing, they can get essay writing help from professional writers.