Tips of Cassandra House How To Create A Successful Mentor Bond

Creating a strong relationship with a mentor is a very important thing to do in a professional career. As a Mentee, everyone wants a good bond with a mentor, and for this, you need to be so clever, smart, and have good communication skills. 

Mentorship is one of the most important work, as a consultant they need to see many things such as:

  • Participates in all meetings or planning, for an organization. 
  • They check all the employees, their engagement, and loyalty to the company. 
  • If any obstacle happens in the firm, they manage all the stuff. 
  • As a mentor, They select good employees. 
  • If any mentee gets any issue regarding the work, they help them. 

Now, you can see how their work can help your work as well because mentee and mentor are always connected with each other. 

Cassandra House is a mentor as well as CEO of I Design Lifestyle Private Limited and The world traveling, the main motive is to help billions of employees and she believes in If I can, so you can. She is also a Teacher, Business Strategist, Public Speaker, and Performance Coach.  She lives in New South Wales, Australia. 

A mentor is a thing, in which all the organization and employee depends. They get many benefits from a mentor, that’s why you need to make strong relationships. 

If you want a strong bond with your mentor then you need to follow these steps:

  • Show Some Interest- 

While face to face conversation, you need to be active.

Imagine a mentor is saying something about the work, then you have to put your views or efforts and give some advice about good, raise questions. If you show this behavior, it will help both have a better connection with each other.  

  • Connect Virtually And Do Conversion-  

You have to connect with your adviser, you can talk with Email, Social apps, Phone & Video calls, and more. It will help you to build a strong bond with each other. The constant conversation is the best way for creating a better relationship with a mentor. 

  • Complete Work As Per Commitment- 

As per Cassandra House, If you committed to a task, so give that task on time. This will show you as a good mentee. Why should a mentor be committed? It will look like the mentor also wants to build a good correlation with each other. 

  • Know The Things Before Meeting- 

This will help you to have a nice meeting with a mentor because you know the things already, You and your consultant can easily ask questions and give suggestions to each other that will match your mentality and dedication towards the organization. This will attract mentors for sure. 

  • Give Appreciation And Best Results- 

After your work, say thank you to the mentor, show some kindness. From that they feel better because mentoring work is very important for you, they always develop your skills, behavior, engagement, loyalty, and more. 

Cassandra House said one thing that, you need to give the best results, it will definitely encourage the adviser. 

Imagine you are not experienced, and you don’t have the technical skills, for this mentor always helps you to become an experienced and skillful person for a wonderful career.