Tips in Planning an Epic Costume Party 

If you love dressing up as a superhero or your favourite Lord of the Rings character, then you probably enjoy attending Halloween parties. But why wait until Halloween. You can visit the nearest costume shop, pick out a new costume, and then throw a costume party any time. However, throwing a successful costume party will require sufficient planning for your event to run smoothly. Here are some tips on how to plan an epic costume party. 

Choose a Theme. Every epic party will require a theme. If you want to be transported back to the olden days of the renaissance, then you can opt for a masquerade-themed party. If you want to geek out on superheroes, then you can have superheroes vs supervillains party. Your party theme will be the starting point of your planning. It will be the basis of your decorations, food, and even the music that you will be playing during the event. When choosing a theme for your party, you must consider the costumes and decorations’ availability. You do not want to have guests coming in with superhero capes and costumes while your venue has decorations that do not match the theme.

Decide on the Date. The next thing to consider is the date of your party. If you plan to throw a party with many guests, give your guests time to prepare and arrange their schedules for your party. Send out invites at least a month before the party date. Likewise, it would be best to start planning and preparations for the party at least two months before the event. 

Set Your Budget and Guest List. Determine how much you are willing to spend on the party. This budget will let you know how many guests you can afford to invite. Do not be too quick to invite your friends without checking how much you can afford to spend. Another option is to organise a party to ask your guests to pay for their food and drinks. This option will not seem rude if you organise your party at a venue that you book exclusively for the event. Just be sure to put the terms of the party in your invitation so that your guests will know to bring money to pay for their drinks. 

Choose the Venue. When you know how much you can spend on your party, it is now time to choose the venue. If you are throwing the party at your house, you will need to purchase many decorations to make your home party-worthy. On the other hand, renting a commercial venue such as your favourite local bar will allow you to fit in more people, set up a DJ booth or live band, and not worry about preparing the drinks and food. Another option is to look for a rooftop bar to make your party more memorable. You may even ask the bar owner and staff to help you decorate the place according to your theme. 

Send Out Invitations. With today’s technology, you can easily send invites digitally. You can ask your friends to add your event in their digital calendars. You may also send out creative digital invitations that correspond to your party theme. You can also set up a web page exclusively for your party with a countdown timer until the actual event starts. When sending out invitations, make sure to include the terms such as no costume, no entry, or that guests are paying for their drinks. 

Buy Your Costumes. It is now time to buy your costume. You may already have a costume in mind when you decide on the theme. It is best to shop for your costume in your nearest costume shop. There are also online costume shops that will deliver your chosen costumes for you. As the host of the party, it is expected that you will be extravagant in your costume choice.