Tips in Choosing the Right Vinyl Cutting Machine for Shirts

Vinyl cutting machines help in embossing, engraving and cutting thin pieces of card, paper, fabric and metal. With the help of the unit, you can easily add dimensions and texture to any fabric without using scissors.

There are many things you need to consider in order to buy the right machine. One of the reasons is your budget. Like other units, machines from different companies go at different prices. There are some that are expensive while others are cheap. Expensive units have extra features that you won’t find in the cheaper versions. Another thing to consider is the use of machines. If you are going to use machines for industrial production you have to carry a large cutter but if you are looking for a machine for home use then you have to go for a simple portable machine.

The type of material you want to cut should also be considered. While most Vinyl cutting machines help in embossing, engraving and cutting thin pieces of card, paper, fabric and metal. With the help of the unit, you can easily add dimensions and texture to any fabric without using scissors.

Choosing the bestvinyl cutting machine for t-shirts for you should not be a difficult task.Here are several reasons to consider:

1. Your budget.

Most machines are over $ 300. You need to allocate how much you want to spend so that you have a benchmark budget range. Some models are expensive, but they have features that are not available on cheaper models. Keep this in mind so you can adjust your budget properly. If money is not an object, skip this section and move on to other topics.

2. Your technical skills.

There are 2 types of Vinyl Cutting Machine: manual and electronic. Manual machines are the easiest to use, but they are limited in design and functionality. Also, these are not recommended for children because they pose a safety risk. The electronics, however, are simpler and with more functionality and design options.

These are further divided into 2 types: cartridge-based and software-based. Quick to use cartridge-based machines – you can simply load the cartridge and then start cutting. For software-based machines you first need to design using a computer software before you start cutting. This is great for advanced users and those who need a wide range of designs. Of course, there are some machines like Cricket Expression that use both.

3. Your workplace.

If you plan to keep a separate craft house, you can get a large die-cutter which is great for mass production. However, if you intend it only for your own personal use, you may choose a smaller, more portable machine like the Cricut Imagine.

4. You need crafts.

You need to ask yourself why you want to have a Vinyl Cutting Machine. Is it because you want to cut your own design? Would you like to use it for mass production like wedding invitations and greeting cards? Perhaps you are planning to open your own craft store by selling die-cuts for scrapbooking and card making. If this is the case, then you need a dedicated machine that can handle this type of volume, without breaking down or running into some bumps.

5. The type of material you plan to cut.

Some units have limited functionality in terms of the material it can cut. Some can only cut paper whereas others can cut a variety of materials such as vinyl, felt, chip board and fabric. Knowing which materials you will cut will help you decide which machine to buy.

When choosing the best vinyl cutting machine for beginners, you need to consider your budget, your technical skills, your workplace, your craft requirements, and the materials you plan to work with.


Costs will vary and will be directly related to what the vinyl cutter will be used for. A typical desktop model would cost about a hundred dollars. A more comprehensive commercial model that is used for industrial purposes will go into the thousands.

These items are not common so usually you have to buy from special manufacturers.

Manufacturers usually sell most of their business through online venue or catalog sales. Rarely will you find them sold in a store unless they are sold in a hobby or craft store and they will be small desktop models.

A vinyl cutter performs an essential service, they are easy to use and can be used to make all kinds of window clamps, markings and other items. These are a great item for a club or organization that needs to raise funds by selling crafts and products. These are essential tools for some industries that produce vinyl products.

In conclusion,

 you can be sure that whatever you choose from Vinyl Cutting Machine will definitely serve you well. This is mainly due to the fact that most sellers of these machines usually go out of their way to give their customers a limited one year warranty. What is meant here is that you will be able to get a new machine if the Vinyl Cutting Machine you bought stops working within 1 year of purchase. Melissa completes personal reviews of products and services and shares them with visitors and customers of her various websites. For personal review of Cricut Expressions 290300 Personal Di Cut Machine, as well as other personal die cut machines for scrap bookers.