Tips from Elektroinstalacije Zagreb – Do You Know the Difference Between AC And DC Current?

Most of you must have heard about AC and DC electrical supply, but never tried to know what the difference between them is. In simple layman’s language, DC will mean direct current where current flows only in one direction. AC current is alternating current where the direction of current changes periodically.

Your appliances can run with both AC and DC current however, that will be specified for that particular appliance. In DC, the electric charge (current) flows only in a single direction. On the other hand, Electric charge in AC changes direction at regular intervals.

In every elektroinstalacije Zagreb(English meaning is electrical installations in Zagreb) you will mostly find AC supply however, in certain special cases DC supply is needed.  Let us discuss in this article a basic difference between AC and DC supply.

How AC supply is generated?

AC supply is generated through a certain alternator. The alternator is a special device particularly designed for producing an alternate current. To generate AC supply a wire loop will be inserted within a magnetic field. Wire rotation is done by flowing water, steam turbine, or wind turbine, and few others.

The wire will spin to enter different magnetic polarities. That is the reason AC voltage and currents change directions periodically.

How DC supply is generated

DC supply can be generated in multiple numbers of ways. You can generate DC voltage also from any AC supply too by using a rectifier circuit. DC supply is also obtained from DC batteries that use certain chemicals to produce DC supply. It is because of chemical reactions the batteries can produce DC supply. 

Few basic differences between AC and DC supply

  • AC supply has a frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz (based on country) while DC has 0 frequency.
  • AC load can be resistive, capacitive, or resistive but DC load is only resistive.

Most supplies are AC

AC supply generally dominates the scene of the electricity supply market as various power outlets that are provided both in the household and industrial sectors are all AC supply only. If ever DC supply is needed for certain devices or appliances then the same AC supply is converted into DC and then fed to the respective devices.

The main reason is that DC supply cannot be fed to longer distances like any power plants that can do with AC supply. Also, the generation of AC supply is comparatively easier. AC supply can also be distributed through the network and fed to any long distant location.

DC supply is mostly used in electronic devices

Primarily DC supply comes into play, particularly where any device has to store power within batteries for any future use. Our laptops, smartphones, portable generators, CCTV cameras, or anything will rely on DC supply.

When you charge your smartphone or your laptop batteries, what you are doing is using a charger that converts your AC input supply into a required DC supply and then fed to your required devices.

Hope with all explanation you can understand the difference between AC and DC supply.