Tips for Writing the Best Marketing Assignments That Every Student Can Use

Marketing is a subject which covers a wide range of subject categories. Marketing is the process by which a value of product and service is communicated to the customers, in order to sell the product and service with a good profit margin. Usually the people and students confuse marketing with sales but actually, selling is just a small facet of marketing. Marketing includes researching the current conditions of marketing, marketing strategies, creating new services and products, building a good company reputation and fulfilling the demands of the customers. Due to its multifunctional capabilities, the students find writing the marketing assignments difficult. Following are a few tips which can help the students to write the assignments of marketing.  

Planning the time

The first step must be planning and scheduling the time for conducting different activities demanded by the marketing assignment. These assignments consume a lot of time and are tedious. Therefore, the students must first draw a timeline elaborating the key stages in which the task needs to be completed. The key tasks which need to be allotted time include research and finding the relevant information; sorting and ordering the gathered information; developing and writing drafts and redrafting them as many times as required to make it perfect; planning the references and compiling the list of references in the end; and finally proofreading and editing the document.  

Collecting relevant information

The information collection must be given required time. The information can be collected using the lecture notes, online tutorials, course materials, journal articles, books, reports and genuine websites. The number of sources which are needed to be cited as per the university instructions must be taken care of. The main focus while collecting the information must be to understand and imply the key ideas of the topic.

Making notes

The information which is searched online must be noted down on paper to gather them at a single point. The key ideas and concepts relevant to the topic must be enlisted. If the information is copied from the internet, it must be paraphrased in a way that it does not resembles with the language of the copied text but keeps the meaning of the text intact.

Establishing an assignment structure

Before writing the assignment, a well- defined assignment structure must be developed. The main components of the assignment are the executive summary, introduction, thesis or research statement, research questions, literature review, methodology, results and discussion and conclusion. The tables, figures ad questionnaires (in case of market research) must be attached as the appendices. A good assignment structure allows the reader to understand the assignment with clarity and helps the students to get good marks.

Proper referencing

In the university assignments, referencing plays a great role and carries its own weightage. The references acknowledge the source of information and ideas mentioned in the body of assignment. There are a few rules to mention the references in the assignments which are common as per the university guidelines. The references must be arranged in an alphabetical order, at the end of the assignment. There are two types of references- in text and end- text references. The in-text references appear within the body of the assignment whereas, the end- text references appear at the end of the assignment. The referencing styles must be the same as instructed by the instructor and if there is no specified style of referencing mentioned by the instructor, APA style of referencing must be used for easy accomplishments. 

Other few tips for writing marketing assignments include conducting in-depth research, grasping each topic thoroughly and framing a precise marketing assignment.

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