Tips for traveling with your Cat

Being a parent and traveling with your child can be quite difficult especially when it is a feline that you are taking on a long trip! Felines yowling on a long flight can make anyone go mad! but don’t you worry about that next long flight you are about to take as you will find some really helpful tips to travel with your feline child? Now you can buy cats online by just logging on to Mummy Cat and get amazing discounts made available on various cat products.

The initial step to planning a safe journey with your cat is by deciding on the path you are going to travel by. Deciding whether you are going by planes, trains or automobiles highly affects the way you take your cat with you. If it is a small walk by your house then all you need is a cat backpack carrier to take them along with you.

When traveling in a car with your cat:

Traveling in a car with your cat romancing around freely might seem like you are getting a fantastic Instagram reels shoot going on however it is much more than you can see in the videos. Cats easily tend to get scared and hence having a carrier that can keep them fixed in a place can help you a lot. It can also avoid problems such as:

1. Your cat escaping through the window as soon as you open it.

2. Breaking a forelimb or hindlimb while enjoying the car ride and putting it outside the window.

Getting a carrier that can keep your cat safe and is easy to clean is a must as cats urinate when they are nervous.

When traveling by train with your cat:

Letting your cat run around the train will definitely lead to a lot of problems and a lot of people might not like the idea of a cat running around freely and hence a cat carrier is needed when traveling on a train especially sturdy one will keep them in place. Make sure you carry a spare blanket so that even if your cat vomits or urinates you can just change the blankets and not have to worry about dirtying the seat.

When traveling by a plane with your cat:

Quite a complicated way to travel with your cat indeed. Planning ahead of time is absolutely necessary if you are planning to take your feline child via a plane. You would also need to check in with the airlines you are traveling with. While some airlines offer you to travel with your cat others provide special support to hold your cats in a different compartment so that both you and your cat can travel comfortably.

Make sure that while taking your cats, you should not include cats who are pregnant or kittens who are under the age of 3 months old.

Tips to make a trip easy while traveling with your cat:

1. Give your cat the right amount of space:

Do not fill in your stuff in the car and just provide a small space for your cat such that they can’t even move around. Again, you should also not allow the cats to roam around freely and must always take care that they are kept in place with a carrier.

Carrying along a favorite toy of your cat or even a blanket that your cat likes will help you greatly during the trip and will also make them comfortable during the trip.

2. Check the rules and regulations:

While it is completely okay to travel with your cat in a carthat you own however when traveling with your cat on an airline you will need to check that whether your cat is eligible to travel or not. You will also have to check whether they provide some services that will make your cat comfortable or not.

Checking whether you need to have a vaccination certificate and medication list will also be important. If there is such a case contact your vet and get the required documents readied before travel.

3. Take all the precautionary measures:

Make sure you provide freedom but only restricted freedom to prevent any mishaps from happening. You might also want to take all your cat’s travel supplements along with you so that you won’t have to stop in between anywhere and search for a place that provides cat products.

You might also need to keep in mind that a long trip calls in for plenty of food and water and storing them will be needed before traveling.

Final words:

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