Tips for Travelers planning to Visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is attracting more and more people all around the world every year. It’s not a surprise, as country has rich history, old culture, and very beautiful nature.

Are you thinking to visit the country in the near future? Then there are several things to keep in mind to make your trip unforgettable.

Do you have all the documents ready?

Before exploring cultural things, you need to make sure that you have all necessary documents ready to enter the country. First of all, based on your nationality, check if you need to apply for Azerbaijan visa. If the answer is yes, then you can apply online via

What’s Next?

Firstly, make sure to pack appropriately for the trip. Azerbaijan has mountains, forests, and coastline. Which one are you planning to visit? If the answer is all of them, then bring clothing and footwear suitable for hiking, beach activities, and city exploration.

Secondly, bear in mind that Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. Therefore, visitors should be respectful of local traditions, including dress codes and dietary restrictions. Herewith, it will be highly appreciated if you try to learn and use some basic Azerbaijanian words with locals. Although many people speak Russian and English, they are always happy to hear their original language from foreigners.

Furthermore, you should definitely try the local cuisine, which includes dishes such as plov, dolma and kebabs. Azerbaijan is also known for its tea culture, so be sure to try a cup of Azerbaijani tea during your visit.

Finally, consider exploring beyond the capital city of Baku to experience the country’s natural beauty and cultural diversity. Visit the medieval town of Sheki, go hiking in the Caucasus Mountains, or explore the ancient petroglyphs at Gobustan National Park.

To sum up, Azerbaijan is a very attractive touristic destination with a rich history, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people. If it’s your first time to travel in Azerbaijan, then you can have an unforgettable trip to this unique and welcoming country.