Tips for Supervising Online Games for Children

The Internet has become an indispensable tool, both for research and for entertainment. Toddlers get it right and love playing online games including their favorite heroes! A large number of online games are also available for free, on various websites dedicated to kids. As parents, how can you be sure that the online gaming sites your child visits are reliable and appropriate? What is the recommended playing time and what types of games should you favor?

What Types of Online Games for Kids?

There are several categories of online games. The best type for kids is puzzle games like connect four and tic tac toe, which are also known as edutainment games. They are designed to help children learn while having fun. They should be favored because they improve, among other things, memorization, learning numbers, and reading. There are also simulation and action games in which players take on the role of their favorite heroes on thrilling adventures! These online games for kids call on concentration and logic while being fun.

From What Age Can a Child Play Online Games?

Whatever online games your child is playing and ビット コイン カジノ, check what age group they are for. If the minimum age is not indicated, take an interest in its game and ask questions to find out the purpose, the roles of the characters, etc. Offer to watch your child play for a while or better yet, participate! This will help you determine if the content and messages conveyed by the game are suitable for your child. Toddlers can have fun and learn from online games from the age of three. However, it is necessary to constantly ensure that the game runs smoothly until your kid is aware of the best gaming practices. For this reason, it is best to set up the computer in a room shared by the whole family. Make sure the online game content matches your values. For instance, you can choose games that expose your child to diversity and teach respect for others.

How to Define the Frequency and Duration of Online Play?

Online games are particularly addicting! Absorbed by their game, it is sometimes difficult to get the children to drop out. It is therefore up to you to set the limits and in particular the duration of play. To avoid conflicts, let your child know before they start. Explain that online games are no substitute for other equally fun games, sports, and outings. There is no benchmark online playtime for kids. It depends on their age, their character and the time (weeks, weekends, school holidays). However, it is important to supervise and reduce your child’s playtime when necessary.

Help Kids Make the Best of Online Games

No matter the type of video game, the risk of developing an addiction is always present. Frame the usage time. It is recommended to limit exposure time to screens (television, video games, Internet) to a maximum of 2 hours per day for children aged 5 to 11. Avoid having screens and consoles in your child’s room, as their gaming activity is very difficult to control after bedtime. Instead, install the television and console in a more central location in your homes like the living room or the playroom. Therefore, your kid does not have to isolate themselves to indulge in their leisure time and you can also keep an eye on the type of game they like to play.