Tips for successfully trading candle colors on Binomo

When there are several unique methods traders can use in stock trading, trading candle colors on Binomo has become one of its simplest methods they can put into action. The major aim of this method is clearly to define a large-scale color-based candle and exchange. The candle should also be broadcast since the price dynamics are strongly directed in a particular direction.

In all other words, big red candles are strong downward trends, while smaller green candles are strong upward trends. Traders need to try to place a buying position after big, green candle exits if they enforce this strategy for earning money through trade. This gives traders a greater chance of winning.

I will send everyone an instance utilizing the EUR / USD exchange pair to grasp this method better. To order to generate more significant results, I must introduce the Martingale cash control plan. Traders can see how candle color trade is a relatively low-risk method that can be effective even for beginners.

Candle trading: an interpretation

I searched for such bullish candles and joined a spot that was 5 minutes greater. I took advantage of that spot, so the first face was happy. As I enter the next great bearish candle, I join a “lesser” role in 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it was a loss; that’s why the unhappy face was. I created a new “lower,” which this time finished very well. And I took advantage of the exchange, which was the last happy face. Again, I decided to wait for this until the bullish lamp began to emerge. When it was shut down, I took a “better” position of 5 minutes, which resulted in a profitable company.

Then I joined another company with a bearish candle, but, regrettably, the way I planned it was not worked out, so it was a loss. I immediately decided to enter a different “lower” place when trying to open the next candle. I always took advantage of this company for the final moment. In the instance further below, I decided to wait again before I went into a “greater” situation for 5 minutes for such a bullish candle. It led to a profitable business. I eventually got a buying spot after a number of such bearish candles which are not major candles or perfect, this period a less candle. Nonetheless, this time the trade came to a loss.

Tips for using Binomo’s candle colors successfully

So, when dealing with Binomo, will they utilize that method? The first principle is that the candle they obey will be marked, and it must wait until it ends. They will use the color of the candle to build the next trading position.

Let’s assume I’m a fairly bearish candle for myself. I’m about to join a selling status for 5 minutes when it shuts down. So far, its next candle is turned down. If the exchange begins to lose, I will still be identical to its next candle. Until I find an even more candle with the same shade, I shall continue to do it.


The second principle is to switch between green candles and red candles. For example, I will stop doing business as well if I reach a buying condition, which increases in benefit. First, I will wait for a red candle to develop and sell.

Candles to be prevented while selling Binomo candles

While this technique can theoretically be applied towards any candle, it always performs effectively on a certain form, namely those with a big, normal body and little to no wicks. From the other side, particular candles, as they are so much impossible to determine precisely, should be completely avoided.

One more advice: at the opening of the next candle, they should always join trades, and then all trades can remain 5 minutes. The next candle is open to any and all exchange submissions. It will take five minutes to trade.

Is the program of Martingale effective for the candle trading?

In some ways, traders can assume that candles are, to a certain degree, useful alongside the Martingale structure. It has very little benefit, indeed, just about all the time.

I have traded five times in my career. The total cost of the trade was 121 dollars. The two unprofitable companies cost me a total of 23 dollars. But Now I just gained $19 because I had triple exchanges that won. Even though I made a benefit through this method, I can only equate that with the overall amount I spent to achieve this level. This is still very minimal.


Finally, particularly if it can be quick and low-risk to trade candle shades across the Martingale method, the findings are also worth considering compared to many other strategies. In many other words, if traders are trying to utilize this method, they don’t anticipate very massive returns.


They should try free Binomo estimation methods presently when they know about how they can use the technique! Information on trading foreseeable in specific can also be found in our comprehensive Trading Guide for Binomo Forex choices.