10 Tips For Structured Cabling Installation You Should Know About

We live in a very modern world today. By modern, I mean a world which has discovered a lot up till yet. A world where a piece of information takes seconds to get transferred from a place to another. Thinking of living without any technology, especially network connectivity is very hard. This is a world of telecommunication. Telecommunication is a way of making communication possible between two people through a medium. It has made the life of people very easy. Certain systems have made telecommunication possible today. One of those is structured cabling.

Structured cabling is a hardware system that has a lot of standardized small elements and helps in telecommunication. A place where a structured cable system is installed it gets easy for them to run their networking tasks like transferring data and information smoothly. Structured cabling can be used in a range of areas. The range of areas includes data centers. This system supports data, graphic illustration, data multimedia, voice graphics and much more. It comprises cable pathways, actual cables, and connecting hardware. The main purpose of this system is data transmission. It is a properly maintained cabling system that enhances network connectivity like connecting devices. It saves a lot of time on organizations by sending data within seconds.

This cabling system is only essential when it is installed properly. Proper structured cabling installation is not everyone’s cup of tea. So it is recommended to install it by following proper guidelines and as per the standards.

Here are some tips for you which will be of great help while installing it.

Plan before you start:

Before doing anything in life we always plan for it. Planning is important as it tells you a proper way to do things. Also, when you plan it according to your sources and needs. While planning your structured cabling network it is very important to analyze the current and future growth of your business. More the growth more will be the need for proper networking. First, you have to decide the type of cable you want. You may have some options like either to select Cat5 plenum for a speed between 10 M bps and 100Mbs or Cat6 plenum for handling speed of 10 G bps and many more options.

Manage and maintain:

Once the cable is installed it becomes an essential thing to manage and maintain your cable. It might cost an amount but this expense is better than making one when any cable will be destroyed because of lack of maintenance. You might have to purchase cable management equipment. You also have to upgrade the system after some time as technology updates itself every day.

Don’t over cable:

Cables used in a structured cabling system should be used as per the need. If you over wire or cable the cable management equipment it might create excessive heat and there is a high risk of wires catching fire.

Run it far away from electrical cables:

Structured cabling should not be installed alongside electrical cables. As structured cable produces a magnetic field that might not be protected against the magnetic field of electric cables and might cause signal problems for you.


When installing structured cabling just don’t forget to leave appropriate spaces between wires. When wires have less space in between them there is a higher risk of wires being bundled up.

Stay clear about each cable length:

There are many types of cables and each type has a specific length so just stay clear about the length of the cable you choose. A standard length is approximately up to 90 meters.

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Draw a map layout:

When we have a sketched plan regarding whatever we do our mind stays clear and all the steps are in front of us. So while installing structured cables it is important to draw a map layout so that you don’t get confused about where to put what cable.

Follow the standards:

Standards and laws are made for a reason. Now the question is why is it important to follow the standards while installing a structured cabling system? Because proper installation helps in improving the efficiency of cables and fulfills the data needs quickly.

Get some training:

When the installation process is taking place you should be there and see the process. You can also get some training regarding it. By knowing about basics you won’t have to wait for the maintenance team to show up you will solve the issue by yourself.

Stay well-informed:

In a world of technological advancements, you need to stay updated about all the latest changes. This will help you in maintaining your cables with the latest technology and improving it is efficiency.

Having proper network connectivity has become a necessity in today’s world. To fulfill this necessity and get structured cabling installation done. Structured cabling can be of your best use if it gets installed properly.

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