Tips for Staying Safe on a Motorcycle Journey

If you are a motorcycle lover, and you want to go on a very long journey, you should make sure that you are as prepared as possible.Remember that a long distance motorcycle journey is a fun yet challenging prospect. It is fun because you will be seeing new sights, while riding your favorite motorcycle. 

However,before you set out on your motorcycle journey,you should be as prepared as possible. There are a lot of potential dangers,and if you start your journey without the right preparations you run the risk of getting injured. Here are some tips for staying safe on a motorcycle journey.

  1. Map out your Destination

Before you set out on your motorcycle journey, it is important that you map out your destination. While it might seem fun to go on an adventure without a set destination, it will be quite difficult for you in reality. Remember that there is a wide world out there, and it is very easy to get lost in the process.

When you do go on a motorcycle adventure, it is important that you have a set destination.  This does not mean that you have to map out every aspect of your journey. This will take all the fun out of your motorcycle journey. Instead, you should at least do your research. Take the time to check all the landmarks in the area, and find the safest roads to take. While it might seem romantic to go on an adventure, without a set destination, this is more likely a recipe for disaster, if you don’t know the way around the area.

  1. Have a Tool Box Ready

Even if you keep your motorcycle in great condition, there will always be times where it will get damaged. Make sure that you have a tool box at the ready.

If you are going to bring a tool box with you, it is very important that it is as portable as possible. Your motorcycle has very limited space, so it will be difficult to pack onto your motorcycle. It is best if you strap the tool box onto your motorcycle or better yet, you could add a special compartment where you could store all your necessities. 

  1. Keep in contact with Family and Friends

If you are going on a long term motorcycle ride, it is important that you keep in contact with family and friends. Remember that you might be away from civilization for a very long time, and if you don’t tell anyone where you are going, you might suffer an accident, and no one will know where to search for you. 

As a precaution, you should tell family and friends what routes you are going to take, and the amount of time you will be on the road. By doing so, they will know whether or not they should go looking for you. It is also a good idea to call them every once in a while, so they won’t worry.

It might seem tedious to take such precautions, however, you should remember that the open road could be a dangerous place, and it pays to be as careful as possible.

  1. Wear the right Protective Gear

When you go on your motorcycle journey, it is important that you wear the right protective gear. Remember that motorcycle riding could be quite dangerous, especially if you are not properly attired. 

When it comes to choosing the right protective gear there are key body parts that you should focus on. First and foremost, you should protect your head. An accidental bump, could cause a concussion, or even worse a brain hemorrhage. When you choose your helmet, it should be of the best quality possible. Some of the best helmets are made of fiberglass and kevlar. They are both durable and lightweight.

Aside from a helmet, you should also have a pair of biker goggles. Remember that the road could get dusty and muddy in the long run. By having a pair of biker goggles at the ready, you will be able to maneuver through the roads without any danger of getting blinded by debris or dust. If you want the best possible biker goggles available, you should try Fetop. They offer a wide variety of eyewear protection for the best prices possible.

  1. Bring Provisions with You

Before you set out on your motorcycle journey, it is very important that you bring provisions with you. While motorcycle riders usually rely on roadside stores for food and drink, there won’t always be one every time you run out of provisions. By bringing provisions, you could ensure that you will have something to nourish you during your journey.

  1. Have a First Aid Kit at the Ready

During a long motorcycle journey, it is very important that you have a first aid kit with you. No matter how careful you are, you might still suffer an injury.  When you pack up your first aid kit, it  should have all the basics such as bandages, antiseptics, gauze pads, and splints for minor fractures.

  1. Take Motel breaks during your Journey

While it is tempting to stay on the road for long periods of time, it will still be a dangerous prospect for you to stay outdoors, especially at nighttime. There could be rain, sand storms, and wild animals out there. As a rule, it is best that you look for a roadside inn or a motel to stay in, They are usually very affordable, and you could still get a good night’s sleep without risking your safety. 


If you are going on a long distance motorcycle journey, you will need to be as prepared as possible. Remember that you will be riding through unknown areas, and if you are not careful, you might end up getting lost or hurt. This is a very dangerous prospect for most people. With these tips, you’ll be able to stay safe on your motorcycle journey.