Tips for Staging Your Home in 2022

If you’re still trying to get used to saying 2021, we can relate. The fact that 2022 is right around the corner is shocking, to say the least. Many people were looking towards selling their home in 2022, and if you fall into that boat, Toronto Home Staging we’re here to help! One of the most important aspects of selling your home is properly staging it. A nicely staged home will attract potential buyers who are serious about making an offer on your home while one that is drab and outdated may appear less valuable. The goal is to sell your home quickly and for as much as possible. Follow these tips for staging your home to sell in the new year:

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

One of the most important parts to staging is making sure that the first impression is a good one. This starts with the exterior of your home, since it’s the first thing that people see. Start by doing a deep cleaning and decluttering of the area, including a power washing of your siding and concrete. Remove any dead plants and debris from the premises. 

Winter, though beautiful when there is snow, can be drab and grey. Use pops of color throughout the front of your home to distract from the dullness. This can be done through wreaths, porch decorations, and even winter-friendly plants, like evergreens and shrubs. 

Work on the Lighting

One of our favorite home staging tips is to use lighting fixtures to your advantage. This includes using lighting fixtures that are on trend and that bring attention to areas in your home that are attractive. Use chandeliers in dining rooms and kitchens to illuminate the space as well as sconces in hallways and outdoors to bring in some added light. Proper lighting, especially in the winter, can make your home feel glowy and warm while poor lighting can do just the opposite.  

Update the Entryway

Circling back to first impressions, you want people to get a good feeling when they walk into your home, and the entryway is the first place they’re going to see. Start by cleaning it up from top to bottom by dusting, sweeping, mopping, and organizing. Move and reorganize the furniture in the room to create more space and give a more “roomy” feeling. Once that’s complete, be sure to update the room with tasteful decorations and lighting that is warm and not too bright (see above point!) 

Prioritize Storage

Good storage, especially nowadays, is high on the list for buyers. People need space to put away all of their clothes, utensils, and recreational items so that their house doesn’t feel cluttered. Start by reorganizing closets and cabinets, which are the primary areas of storage. From there, get creative with things like wall shelves and ceiling hooks for pots and pans. The possibilities are endless! 

Staging your home for a successful sail is all about being creative and intentional with what items you use for decorating and how you present your space. The tips mentioned above are designed for your success, and will surely help you successfully sell your home in the new year!