Dermatologists Proven Tips for Spotless Skin

There is a misconception in our society that only fairness is a healthy skin fact, but it is not true. The signs of healthy skins depend on various facts, such as pores size, clear skin, even skin tone, and smooth texture. People, especially women buy expensive products that can damage the skin. Everyone wants acne-free skin, but it needs you to take care of your skin in different ways.

Bombarding your skin with fancy creams and skincare products can leave you broken because appearance can take away your confidence. Dermatologists say that 2 in 5 women get help from makeup but it is a temporary solution that cannot go for days. Women who use cheap quality products can damage the skin, or it may make your skin greasy that develops acne.

Talking about my own experience, last summer I had this sudden acne breakout followed by contact dermatitis. I visited a renowned dermatologist in Karachi who treated me for a few months. Owing to this experience, all I can say is my changes in my habits were more effective than any skin care product. 

Here I’m sharing a few effective ways that can help you to achieve a flawless skin. 

Get Spotless Skin without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Try detox water for crystal clear skin

Lemon is a good source to deal with endocrine dysfunction, which is responsible for developing acne. Cucumber also possesses cooling properties that renew the skin. Detox water also includes mint that regulates indigestion and cleans yours inside from infections. Fill a pitcher with water and add cucumber slice, lemon slice, and the mint leaves. Refrigerate this water and keep sipping it the whole day.

Green Tea 

People who want to lose weight often go with green tea. But you can get healthy skin with its daily consumption. There are antioxidants in green tea that can detoxify your body and also help to heal it.

You can find some skincare products on the market that contain green tea. Such products also help to deal with infections that can cause acne. You can also try face wash, moisturizers, and facial packs that have become popular these days.

Lemon – Vitamin C

Skin lightening is the must have for spotless skin. Many people who have acne scars want a solution that can help to lighten them. Studies have been proved that lemon juice is highly packed with vitamin C that helps to get rid of scars and uneven skin texture. Some dermatologists do not consider the direct use of lemon over the skin because it can cause irritation. You can add lemon drops with honey and apply them to your face.

Honey to bring Glow to Your Skin 

For spotless skin, you should nourish your skin. How?

You need to use honey because it contains vitamins and minerals. Its antioxidants properties give clear and healthy skin. We have discussed in the previous session that you can use lemon with honey as it will give an instant glow to your skin.

Never Forget Aloe Vera

I always heard from my grandparents about the benefits of Aloe Vera. It also helps to heal wounds. You can have an aloe Vera plant at home and use it when you want for your skin. It has skin-friendly and anti-inflammatory properties. You do not need to buy expensive lotions to moisturize your skin when you have Aloe Vera in your hands. It boosts the fibroblasts that result in the skin’s elasticity. No matter how much flaky your skin is, Aloe Vera always helps to shrink the pores and deals with dry skin.

Get Glow with Rose Water

I still use rose water and can’t match its anti-aging properties with any expensive skincare products. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that promote the production of collagen and deal with uneven skin tone.

You should place rose water in a refrigerator. Wash your face first. Apply rose water using a cotton ball and leave it to dry.

Tomato – A Powerful Antioxidant 

When you go outside, your skin is at risk due to UV exposure. Tomatoes contain lycopene that keeps your skin healthy and works as anti-aging. All you need is the rose water and tomato. When you make a pulp of tomato, mix it with rose water. Apply it to the face and leave it for 10 minutes. Use cool water to wash your face.


Many people opt for different skincare approaches according to their convenience when it comes to skincare. No matter how many products are available in the market, drinking plenty of water, moisturizing our skin, and eating foods for skin health is the most easiest way to achieve flawless skin. However, in case of a skin problem you should immediately talk to your dermatologist for the right advice at the right time.


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