Google is the main Search Engine that marketers thrive to drive. At the same time, the Google Algorithm that is in play drives the marketers in turn.

With a minor update happening every day, it is different every second! It is not easy to keep track on all those updates. Who knows, maybe an update might nose dive the sales chart of a business and “Burj Khalifa” another.

For any SEO-er out there, there are certain tips and tricks that would base the theme for them for this year. And this year is going to go big! Who better than a marketing expert to give out to the readers the PRO SEO tips that are going to be?

  • Perceive Your Audience Well

Coming straight from the Marketing Head at Sample Assignment, he says it is very important to know what category of the audience is going to be the reader of your content. When you know what someone is expecting out of your product or service, you would be able to give that person something of value in return.

It would not matter how well the website has been optimised if the target audience it is done for was, in the first place, selected wrong. Would you grow your business that way? Obviously not.

This becomes important when your rankings have been more on the fluctuating side over the past half year. So, if you wish for your semantic intent query to match with your targeted keyword, you must conduct thorough research before you select your target audience. Spend time on the customer funnel!

  • Think Beyond Google Search

There is a world outside your mobile phone. Did you hear the saying, “Mom is always right”?  Well, it is true in this case.

You must give SEO a thought from a vantage point that is not on the radar of Google Search Engine. Michael Stuart, a professor of digital marketing at the Oxford School of Marketing has said, “SEO-ers often ignore the fact that there are other engines as well. They count! That’s where you gain an edge over your competition and be at par with the visions and mission of your company or organisation!”

Well, it feels great to read the above, is it really applicable? Yes, it is!

Imagine that the prospects are looking for your website or a quality website. Would you not want your website to be one of them? If they are looking for certain music files, videos regarding the subject they wish to add more knowledge to their hat about, would you not want your organisation to earn the most revenue by initially at least being there?

Google Play Store, Amazon, etc.; all of them are ignored and as a result, the organisations are not able to be as effective and prominently visible when it comes to Google SERP. It is not the time to tell you that Google values it all when it gives your website’s particular page the SEO score.

Talking about SEO and ignoring the importance of “content”? Not possible, sir. Of course, without good quality content (both SEO friendly and informative) shall be ranked at the top of the pile! So, you must go to your SEO Head’s cabin and tell him to hire new content writers for driving to your company’s landing page the traffic you and your boss envisioned at the starting line of the race.

  • Create Exceptional Content

After having tracked the SEO performance of a number of websites, it is anyone’s game to be able to come to the conclusion that content is really the king. In the results of the survey, we found that only those companies that were relatively weaker with their content department suffered much more a toll on.

Since Google SERP is a product itself, from its end to anyone who wished to get his/her query resolved in 2017 and 2018, Google worked hours and days and months on improving the content -based algorithm. The firm believed that the utility of other search engines could be dented to another level if the best possible content is shown to the user every time.

Google believed that the SEO-ers were taking undue advantage of its algorithm and hence, the best possible content was still a dream for any user.

Alexa Siridi, a Digital Marketing consultant working at Google for the past 2 years said, “Google is now strongly equipped enough to not let those blogs rank anywhere on the SERP that are only afloat because they have some weekly activity. If you have the content, post it on frequency good enough for the readers of your blog. You now need to be more active and fabricate a piece of content that answers a question in the best possible manner, motivates someone; namely, rightly solves the purpose. So, if you have the expertise to solve a query, you can be the next Sherlock on the SERP”.

According to digital marketeers, the total number of web pages that are doing this are very less. To revamp the probability of getting higher up the ranks is by using content maps and experience maps.

  • EAT!

This is the creativity of our team that we have put up the headline as “E.A.T”.

PS: Do not go to the kitchen as of now. Wait for what we wish to say! It’s for your good!

E: Expertise

A: Authority

T: Trustworthiness

Makes sense now, eh? Alright! The above full forms make up the quality parameters that Google is going to keep a high value for in the year 2019.

If you know what we are referring to here, you would also know that we are not talking to Google’s Algorithm but the Algorithm Raters. The raters help us to inform our involuntary cortex of the brain to be able to acknowledge the direction in which Google’s heading in 2019.

Dickon Boner, a digital marketing expert at Amazon said, “One cannot just rank on a particular keyword with authoritative content. That can happen only when you already have some authority on a specific subject or keyword”. We believe that he is right (to some extent).

It is in a child’s knowledge that Google is ‘the’ search engine but not “the only”. They look forward to implementing EAT as well. A press representative at Bing was caught answering a query from one of their customers (over twitter before it got deleted under 10 minutes), “Generalisation of the web working algorithm as much as possible is good for machine learning which is implicitly pretty good for machine learning.”

  • Investment in Specifications

With a million websites competing with cutting edge Deadpool-dual-katanas pointing at each other, they will do anything and everything when it comes to beating the competition. They can always buy more ammunition and weapons. With that said, we refer to investing in more SEO technical areas when it comes to SEO Rankings.

New weapons one shall invest in are –

1. Speed: Do you not think that people are getting more and more impatient with every passing hour? In lieu of that, would a customer wait for that one extra second until your web page completes loading? No. According to Aimie Smith, an SEO expert, Google awarded her web page with a decent raise in the ranking of her website just because its page loading speed was above average! Is that not an alarming criteria? It is, but that is going to one of the major rulers in the SEO industry in the year 2019.

2. PWAs: According to our insights, one would not be able to survive without a PWA in 2019. Google is planning to really consider having a middle ground between the company’s application on iOS or Google Play Store and the website. That “middle ground” would act as a webpage with the proper functioning of an application.

This would save costs for all the mid or low-budget companies out there and be ranked up at the least measure of cost on the SERP.

  • Clear your Throat

Ever since 2015, there have been articles on voice search, AI and all similar stuff. It is almost a running joke for every year, SEO-ers invest in AI and Voice Search but the development department don’t. It is now seeming an induced hype because there is not as much of AI and Voice search as has been predicted. Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby; all of them could be the trend!

More and more companies have definitely “STARTED to LOOK INTO” this but have not really started giving AI and Voice Search-based results. Voice Search is going to be the top search in the coming years. Which is the reason for the advent of devices like Google Home, Alexa and all the similar devices? Yes, they have been able to build a good amount of customer base and build and prosper the Voice Search industry.

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